September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007
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Received an email this morning from St. Augustine Pride requesting that the project have a table at their event. Looking forward to participating since I know most of the people hosting the event. I'm sure it will be a great time had by all. We're going to split the day between two shift of volunteer from the project. Sent in our application (a formality). We were also asked to get in touch with other HIV non-profit organizations for participation.

Had to go run a bunch of errands... dry cleaner, grocery store, etc... At least we're having a temporary relief from the summer heat.

There is currently a hurricane right off the coast of Texas named Humberto. It stayed right off the Texas coast of the United States for over 24 hours and gained strength before heading inland.

They are expecting major rainfall from Texas to western Georgia (up to 8 inches) and as far away as here in Jacksonville, Florida in the next day or so.

There is also another hurricane that has the possibility of hitting the eastern coast of the U.S. in the next several days.

I also mentor HIV+ people through the website Had to follow up with a new person that I've taken under my wing. She just found out that she's HIV+ a few months ago. She was shocked to find out because she's married and never thought she would have to worry about being infected. I guess the husband never considered the price his wife would have to pay for his infidelity.

I asked her if I could mention her story in my daily blog. She agreed and says she hopes that by sharing her story that people will think before they have unprotected sex especially outside the relationship.

It's one thing to be unfaithful and I know some couple have "open relationships"... But it's a whole other ballgame when you're the reason that someone becomes infected with HIV due to your negligence, deception or lies. But then some people can justify to themselves any actions they may commit to others.

I personally do not see how someone bare the guilt of carelessly exposing someone they supposedly loved to HIV.

Spent the rest of the day working on this website and with my pets. It's amazing how much love, comfort and support our pets give us uncondtionally.

They don't care if you're sick... having a bad hairday... or just in a bad mood... They love you no matter what. Now if my fellow Americans could learn that the country would be a much happier place.