Angela Nelson
Fund Raising

Angela Nelson - Fund Raising
Please welcome our new board member Angela Janet Nelson who will be our Fund Raising chairperson.

Angela is a native Floridian who grew up in Panama City, Florida. Now a long term Jacksonville resident, she is a successful entrepreneur as a motivational speaker, program organizer, fashion consultant and braid stylist. Event planning and fund raising are two of her specialties for over twenty years.

Angela has been a mentor to many in her community. She has planned events and set up programs for such prestigious organizations as Girls, Inc./Jaguar Foundation "PAP preventing adolescent pregnancy and AIDS Education (2002- 2004) and the Sickle Cell Foundation of Jacksonville for Marcia McCrary Memorial (2000).

Angela is also one of the founding members of the ROSE organization, a support group for women who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. She, besides our project, works with Voices, the THORNS men's support group, Sista and SOS in her work with the HIV and AIDS community.