April 05, 2008

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Thank you so much for making this blog one of the most popular things on our website. The emails, messages and calls that I have received from you, the fans of this blog, have really made this man feel special. I'm honored that my blog has made a difference in any of your lives and hope that you continue to enjoy these entries.

I was up and down all night again due to the problems with my right arm and my back. I even try sleeping in my new arm brace but I still ended up waking in pain a few times during the night. I also used my new ice ace brace but it's almost too cold on the skin. It came with a reusable freeze gel pak that you inset in the skin of the brace. Maybe if I use a washcloth or something else between the ice pak and my skin if will do better. I was only able to keep it on for about 15 - 20 minutes and I really should be repeating the process at least three to four times a day. I need to get the tendon better so I can start back on my workouts as soon as possible. I definitely don't want to lose all the progress I've made in getting my body back in shape.

It was a overcast with a little sun until about 1pm. After that it was a pretty dreary day with showers on and off. We never had a torrential downpour but we did have some very heavy winds for over an hour. There were several medium to large size branches from our neighbor's huge old oak tree that came down during the course of all the wind and continuous drizzle. I ended up having to retrieve our garbage cans from next door before they blew into the road. Our next door neighbors did have an old palm downed by the rain and wind.

I was pretty lazy around the house today. I did work on this website some. I wasn't going to try and haul all the wash down the stairs in the rain especially with my arm. I was also hoping to bathe all the dogs today but with the rain their baths were a no-go. So I ended up spending most of the first half of the day sleeping... until some time around noon because of being up and down all night. Gary didn't get home from work until around 2pm. Then I spent most of the rest of this relaxing down day with Gary and my four pets: Harley, Sugar, Chipper and Kitty who have all been rescued from Animal Control.

Gary had to work again early this morning because a co-worker had a funeral to attend. So he has three weeks of working six days a week which is great for the paycheck but horrible for his stress levels. Since he missed almost a whole week of week just two weeks ago when he was sick I know he can really use the money. Gary really hates his new job with the company and wishes they would return his to his old position but I don't think that is going to happen unfortunately. There are some great things about the job for him: they understand about his illness, doctor appointments, sick time, etc; casual wear at work; they're ok with him being gay and no drug testing.

Recently they also condemned the property near his office where a stray dog stayed that he was helping to keep fed. He would make a little package of dog food to take the animal every day as he headed to work. Gary hasn't seen the dog again since then and is afraid the dog probably ended up at Animal Control. Unfortunately almost 90 percent of the animals they are abandoned or surrendered end up getting put to sleep with over 100,000 animals being put down last year just in Duval County, Florida. It's amazing we regard animal life with such little regard. But then look how some people treat each other...

Mentioning animals being put down, I recently saw an Oprah Winfrey episode about the puppy mills in Pennsylvania. I was so outraged at the conditions those dogs are made to survive and the health conditions of the dogs were criminal. For more information, you can check out the rescuers site at: WWW.MLAR.ORG. I checked out their website and they seem like a great loving group of people who really care about the dogs. I also applaud the way they got Oprah's attention but renting a billboard she would so driving to work every day. Very smart plan. Something I might have to use myself one day. Oprah also did a very touching dedication to her dog which died recently. I was hoping to share it in today's blog but I don't see if on YouTube yet.

They are having Sylvia's Birthday family celebration in Pensacola, Florida today. I'm going to call Diane in a little while to see how everything went. I'm sure she loved the gift that Diane created of everyone's memories put together in a scrapbook for her mom. I forget the name of the steakhouse where they were having the dinner but I know Sylvia only want a small group of family and no big deal made out of it. Sylvia is a very loving true Christian woman who I love and admire a lot. She accepts people for who they are and looks for the best in people... not just trying to judge them. There are far too few people like her around in the world.

It's still raining outside so I'm going to wrap until this 200th entry. Thank all of you that have sent words of encouragement or thanks. Thank you! Without your enjoyment and patronage of this blog... it would just be empty words on a screen. For those of you who have sent in donations to help keep our website up and running and help fund our two main events - Camp Hope and the Teddy Bear Touchdown... THANK YOU! Without your help, all of this would not be possible!

I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend no matter where you live. Keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the stars! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab