April 1, 2008

April Fools Day Comments

Happy April Fools Day!

Welcome to another one of my blog entries. Hope that your April has gotten off to a great start and you didn't have too many jokes played on you. Luckily, I made it through the whole day without anyone getting me good.

Well it was a very busy weekend with my monthly trip to Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland. It's always great seeing the folks at National Institute of Health and some friends of mine in DC threw me a fantastic birthday party on my first night of this trip. It was great seeing my friends up here and I greatly appreciate their hospitality.

For my birthday; I received several great cards, a (red) tshirt, a (red) bracelet, a great dinner out at my favorite DC restaurant which is Annie's Steakhouse where I had my favorite fillet cooked medium well and butterflied, baked potato with everything on it and fresh asparagus. I've been going there for so many years that it feels like a second home when I go on my trips there.

My friends at National Institute of Health also gave me some wonderful cards and a very cute teddy bear. It always surprises me how thoughtful and sweet people can be. I didn't even know that most of the people knew when my birthday was. I'm a very lucky guy.

The trip home on Southwest was rough because of the weather fronts and weather. The turbulence made the pilot keep the seatbeat sign on for most of the trip and even the flight attendants were staying seated most of the time. I normally never mind flying but when you experience free fall for several seconds during a bad flight; it can make you find your religion very quickly.

I will also be leaving for Tallahassee, Florida with AARP and Divided We Fail. We are joining many other groups there to lobby for affordable quality health care and financial security for all. Some proposed changes to medicare and other programs that would hurt the average American have upset some groups enough for people to rent buses to get to our state capital. So it'll be interesting to see just how many people show up from all over the state.

I also hope to be back for the meeting on Wednesday of the support group that I co-facilitate at Lutheran Social Services. It's one of those long month's where the group goes 3 weeks between our second meeting of the month and our first meeting of the following month. Hope that all the guys are doing great. We've had a few members with serious health problems and I've been so busy on the road that I haven't had time to call and follow up with them. But I'm sure that Heather has so I will get with her before the meeting and get caught up on everyone.

The weather today was great and I even found time to get some sun and keep the base tan going. The rest of the week is saying overcast with chance of rain and highs in the 70s and low's in the 60s. Just my kind of weather. Any hotter and I start sweating like a pig and having to wear tank tops and bathing suits all the time.

My forearm and tendon are still bothering me constantly so I'm taking today off from my workout and will jump back on chest and legs tomorrow hopefully. You never realize how one part of your body being hurt or injured can inhibit your day to day life until it happens. Even lifting a 2 liter Coke bottle kills my right arm right now. So I'm doing plenty of ice and rest to help get the swelling down.

I hope that all of you had a great start to your week. Wishing you health, hope and happiness. Until next time...

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab