April 13, 2008

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Welcome! Welcome to Sunday... it's time to party and dance to your favorite music! Do something special for yourself today.

I hope you're weekend is off to a great start. For those of you who work on the weekend... sorry! For many years, I worked six days a week so I feel for you. Just remember... I've never heard anyone complain on their death bed that they wished they had worked MORE! I've heard many regrets from people who wished they had spent more time really living life... just something to keep in the back of your head and think about sometime. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day struggle and forget what's really important in life.

But I digress and will get off my soapbox. Unfortunately, I woke up with my arm and back killing me this morning around 5:30am after only sleeping four hours. Gary was up about an hour later stumbling outside in the chilly rain for his coffee and cigarettes with the dogs trailing behind him. Kitty has been trying to escape outside several times recently which she is not use to be outside. Being declawed before I rescued her, I don't believe in letting her outside because of all the loose dogs and other animals in the neighborhood since she wouldn't be able to defend herself. Don't want anything happening to one of my kids.

It's chilly, rainy and windy here in Jacksonville, Florida today which unless it included a thunderstorm and lightning... is my least favorite kind of day. Not to mention it makes the dogs not want to go do their business outside! The old, blind male dog, Chipper, really doesn't mind the rain much. But the two females, Harley and Sugar, are prissy and hate getting their paws wet... God forbid they think they're dogs or something! LOL

So it was a great day to be in doors except for the errands which needed to be completed. I had a ton of clothes which needed to be washed, dogs needed a bath, disconnecting the old Sony desktop computer so this computer can be hooked to the printer, etc. I would love to get a wireless printer but first things first. I think my first course of action should be getting the new desktop computer first. The only bad thing about electronics is they are already outdated dinosaurs when you purchased them and the drastic reduction in value very similar to purchasing a car. Now if I could afford all the latest gadgets with their bells and whistles it would be one thing. But there are better places to put my money than the constant pursuit of commercialism.

Gary and I enjoyed some alone time since it was raining outside and we really didn't want to go out and about in the messy weather. He was a great sport and went along with me even though his mind was other places. We laid there and talked for awhile afterwards. Gary's very determined to try and make things better with his new job so I hope he accomplished his goal so he'll be happy. I know now why I never worked for a very small company and why I felt more "safe" at a large corporation. But Gary made his choice according to his own needs so it's up to him to make it work now the situation changed.

Around 2pm, the sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds and the weather turned around with a high near 70, breezy and sunny. So Gary and I decided to groom and wash two of our dogs, Harley and Sugar. Harley and Sugar went storming down the staircase through the courtyard and back yard in the sunshine while they finished drying. It's so funny watching them after a bath. Chipper also got a bath which he isn't crazy about doing maybe because he's getting old at age 15. Tomorrow they will get their flea treatments which were overdue and badly needed especially this time of year in Florida. We rarely get a good enough freeze to kills off the fleas in the winter even here in north Florida. Next month I need to take Chipper and Sugar for their yearly vet shots over on Edgewood Vets that I've been using for a few years now. Most of the staff is very friendly and efficient especially considering the number of animals they treat every day. The only bad thing is they don't do appointments only walk ins taken in order as they arrive. I've been there with thirty other animals waiting for about an hour and a half. But with their prices being almost half of Riverside Animal Clinic, I can see why most people take their animals to Edgewood.

Gary made us a pepperoni pizza and salad for dinner this evening. Neither of us were very hungry after our big quiche brunch that he made earlier today. But it was delicious and sweet of him to do for us. We also went grocery shopping at our gay Publix and got a few items that we were needing and it was definitely Gay Day in Publix today. We must have run into 255 other gay men getting their groceries during our trip. It reminded me of the old days shopping at Pavillions in West Hollywood or Krogers in San Francisco during the 80s and 90s.

Going to bed early to get the jump on another busy week. Hope that you had a great weekend also and remembered to do something special for yourself! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab