April 20, 2008

April 20, 2008
Hey friends! Sorry I haven't done a blog entry in the last few days but there hasn't been much going on in my life. I hope you have been having a great weekend so far. It's Sunday today and although it was a beautiful day in Jacksonville; I have been inside still fighting this dang cold for the past four days. I'm having a horrible time fighting this cold off and absolutely no energy to do anything. No energy has meant missing my workouts but I'm still doing my protein shakes to keep prevent muscle wasting since solid food hasn't been very appealing. So I'm hoping you had a better weekend and enjoyed sharing the time with a loved one.

I've been in contact with an old friend from my hometown of Pensacola. We hadn't contacted each other in a few years but his father had recently passed away. He's now having to deal with his father's estate. Bill contacted a mutual friend of ours while he was in Pensacola after his father's passing. Diane had told Bill about this project I've been doing and she forwarded me his email. He's been with the same partner for over a decade now and very happy which is great to hear. Bill always had a gift for working with computers and has found his calling and done very well for himself and his partner. I think we're two of the few gay men from Pensacola who moved away after high school and went after our dreams. But then I always knew Bill would be a success at whatever he pursued.

I've been spending a lot of time with my pets the last few days. Each one of my pets have a very distinct personality. Chipper, the old male of the pack, is definitely the old crabby man of the group. Chipper is 15 years old, blind and deaf so he requires constant help since I live on the second story. When he barks it means one of three things, he's hungry, thirsty or needs to go outside. Sugar acts sweet and is usually well behaved but you better keep you're eye on her. She has a definite willful streak in her and is overly protective of me around strangers. She has tried to bite someone before if she perceives them as a threat and she's not crazy about children. Probably because she's never around any. Harley is the self conscious one of the group and always a people pleaser. She needs the most attention and reinforcement of the group. Harley is also the best trained of the bunch. She immediately obeys commands where Sugar will give you attitude if she's not in the mood for play. Now my cat, Kitty (named after Cartman's cat on South Park), is the most affectionate cat I've ever met. She was abandoned and luckily was already fixed and declawed before she came into my life. I know I treat my pets more like children than animals and probably it's because I will never have children of my own. Pets give you the wonderful unconditional love which can brighten even your sickest day.

Patrick came over the other day and we went to run the few errands I needed to get done like grocery shopping, prescriptions, etc. And can we talk about how expensive groceries are getting. Just for enough food until next weekend and it cost almost two hundred dollars. The same amount of groceries would have been 30 to 40 percent less just a year ago. Patrick is still having to deal with his roommate being in the hospital. He becomes the house mother when Dale is in the hospital. Dale thought he's was coming home this weekend but with all the complications he's been having I would be surprised if he's home by next weekend and I'm sure he's not happy about still being there after almost a month. I know it would help Patrick if he was better before they sent Dale home. He's been fighting a horrible cold also for about two weeks now. Patrick told me he's physically just worn out which I can relate to since having the same cold as he.

Luckily this next week isn't overly packed with appointments and I might have to cancel the appointments I have scheduled for the next couple of days. But I'd rather cancel than expose someone to this dreaded cold and make them sick. One of my biggest pet peeves is sick infectious people coming around others whether or not they have damaged immune systems. I mean let's have some common sense and consideration of others. But then I see how self-centered so many people have become and it doesn't surprise me when their actions are so inconsiderate. One can only hope karma will somehow even the score with those people one day.

I hope you found sometime for yourself this weekend and did something to build a special memory in your life. Remember to stop and smell the rose because this life isn't a dress rehearsal so remember to live it!

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big Bear Hug,

Daddy Dab