April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008
Hey friends! Welcome back to another day of my blog. I was lazy and slept in until about 10am this morning and didn't want to get up then but I knew I had things to get done. I was just having one of those days when my bed was feeling too good to leave it.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, it was a beautiful day outside so I knew I wanted to get some sun. It was almost to the point of being hot enough to break a sweat but I always try to get out there early in the afternoon before the hottest temperature of the day. There wasn't much of a breeze today which added to the heat and sweat factor.

I usually listen to my IPOD while I'm getting sun so I'm pretty oblivious to what's going on around me. Today, a delivery man was standing at the gate to the courtyard looking at me in my black bikini before I knew he was there. I don't know who was more shocked... him or me. LOL

I'm still having a lot of problems with the tendon in my right forearm which really hampers my upper body workouts. I'm only able to lift about half the normal weight I normally use to work out. Even with the lighter weight, I still need a spotter to be safe. But at least I'm keeping it up so I don't start getting flabby and lose the definition that I've worked so hard to get back. Still doing abs and legs at least twice and usually three times a week for about an hour.

Every day I drink at least two high protein shakes (occasionally three) that I make using a can of Slimfast (milk chocolate is my favorite), a large banana, a tiny scoop of unflavored creatine powder, 10 ice cubes and 3 big scoops of whey protein powder. I liquefy all the ingredients in a blender for about 3 minutes which makes for a frosty treat. This gives me about 70 grams of protein per shake. This combo gives me potassium, great vitamin content and the protein I need to build and keep muscle on this body while keeping fat grams down. I worked on this solution with a HIV doctor, a nutritionist and a personal trainer after I had HIV wasting.

Tonight, we had our bi-monthly meeting of the HIV support group I co-facilitate at Lutheran Social Services. We had about 12 people tonight and it was a lively session with lots of great topics. We covered some new items seen on the internet. A couple of the guys had personal issues to discuss. We also talked a lot about HIV programs and funding. One of the guys brought a delicious pineapple upside down cake in honor of my birthday which was a few days ago. I had a big piece and it was moist and delicious. It was really sweet of him to go to that trouble to make it. I passed out some DWF red bracelets and pill boxes during the meeting. Everyone really liked the bracelets. The only bad thing about the pill boxes is the small size. With the number of medications the average person with HIV must take, the small size makes it's use unpractical and prohibitive. But it was a very nice gesture from state to send those for me to give out and I greatly appreciate everything they do to help.

I've been talking with people in AARP and Divided We Fail about upcoming events with the HIV/AIDS and GLBT communities. They're considering a couple of them and I'm working on getting the necessary information to pass on and make it a reality. Hopefully, I will also get to attend the events and work at the booths. So keep your fingers crossed for me! That might also help with getting the word out about Pensacola and Mobile's Teddy Bear Touchdown.

We also have a new Champmobile that is a huge RV with interactive demonstrations and attractions to engage people while promoting affordable quality health care and financial security for all Americans. I'm looking forward to seeing the Champmobile myself.

I think it's great that Divided We Fail and AARP will pursue all areas of our diverse communities. Lindsey is in Tallahassee, Florida which is our state capital for most of this week for the demonstrations and talks. Unfortunately, I had scheduled appointments that I couldn't rearrange and was unable to go with her. Hopefully, next time...

I also have tried contacting Congressman Crenshaw about discussing the issues of Divided We Fail and AARP but have not heard back from his office yet.

A good friend of mine, Dale, has been in the hospital and had quadruple heart bypass. He had fallen at home and they discovered the problem while he was in the hospital. He ended up pulling the stitches and they are going back in tomorrow to fix the problem with titanium stitches this time so keep him in your thoughts and prayers for me. Dale also had pneumonia the doctors had to treat before they could do the heart bypass surgery.

One of the few shows that I enjoy watching on television, American Idol, is almost over while I am typing this entry. That David kid can sing like an angel. Regardless of whether or not he wins this competition, he will have a great recording career. He has such a pure clarity to his voice. David also has the looks to drive both young girls and gay boys into screaming fits and fainting. He already has a huge following in both groups of kids. I must admit the judges fighting is starting to get old and more than slightly personal and rude this year. I do love the fact that American Idol does the night of fund raising and helping kids both here and abroad. They also supposedly had one of the contestants rushed off to the hospital after they sang last night... hate to hear that happened. Turns out he had high blood pressure and is ok. I felt sorry for the little girl who was eliminated tonight. She seems so nice and sweet and was really upset but managed to do a great job of singing her last time competing on that stage. She has a great voice and should do well.

So let's put positive energy out there and I hope that you are having a great week so far! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab