April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008
Hey friends! Welcome to another day of my blog. I haven't written much in the past 10 days since I've been hope sick with a very bad cold. My fever has finally broken but I still feel like I'm been rode hard and put to bed wet. I've had absolutely no energy. But luckily, I'm hoping the worst is over and I'll be back to my old self in the next week.

Now it's probably due to my poor immune system as to why it's taken so long with this cold. I have between a third to a fourth of an average person's immune system. Even with all the HIV/AIDS meds available today, my immune system will probably not get better than it is now until they find a cure. Before the new medicines were released in 1996, my immune system was already so depleted the chances of having a "normal" immune system is not realistic unfortunately. But hey, I'm just pleased as punch to still be alive so I'm not going to split hairs over a few hundred T-cells.

I also have continued spending a lot of time with my pets this week. Luckily even though I've been sick, the weather in Jacksonville has been gorgeous. It's been in the low 70s, breezy, partly overcast but fantastic days or at least the type I enjoy the most. It's almost time to bathe, flea treat and groom the dogs again. I told Gary we need to get them done weekend after next. This next weekend Gary has to work on Saturday so it can wait until the following. Since I tore the tendons in my right arm, I need his help getting them in and out of the bathtub. Even without my injury, three dogs is much easier done with another person's help. The dogs have definitely been enjoying the great weather. My oldest dog, Chipper, has a hard time breathing in the dead heat here in Florida during August and September. My cat has also trying to sneak outdoors which isn't allowed. Before I took her into my home, her previous owners declawed her and I don't want her getting injured outside with no way to defend herself. There are way too many loose dogs running around my neighborhood let her roam loose even though we have a leash law in Duval county.

Gary came home early from work because he had to attend a focus group he's doing at Northeast Florida AIDS Network with Nathaniel. Nathaniel is also on our board of directors over HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention. It's the same focus group from Pfizer that I did a few months ago when it first began. Gary's almost through the program now. I needed to go to Walgreen's to get some blank DVD's, a birthday card for Dad and a couple other items. So while he was doing his class, I walked over there which was only a couple of blocks. It's at a major intersection (King and Park) in our neighborhood. There were several other gay men around since a couple of neighborhood gay bars are only 3 blocks away. Then went back to NFAN and waited for Gary to finish. Our friend Marvin, who is also in the focus group, gave us a ride home.

Ugly Betty finally has new episodes on television starting tonight. Ugly Betty is one of the few shows on television I really enjoy watching. It was Betty's 24th birthday and everything that could go wrong did... very Murphy's Law. I've had a couple of birthdays very similar so I can empathize with the storyline. Ugly Betty is one of the better written shows on television in my opinion. While I guess not just my opinion since the show has won so many awards in the short time it's been on air.

Tomorrow is the NFAN HIV/AIDS community luncheon which I'll be attending as usual. It's at Christ Church of Peace not far from my house. The church has a long tradition of reaching out not only to the HIV community but to all people regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation... one of three in our city. A friend of mine might be their new pastor but last time I spoke with her; she was still waiting to hear back from her last interview. The search committee still had a couple of other applicants to interview before they were reaching a decision. It's always great to see everyone at the luncheon since for some it's the only time I see them during the month.

Hope you had a great day! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab