April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009
A Monthly Meal

Thanks for stopping by again and welcome to my Friday. TGIF!

I am glad the week is finally over since I was having energy and sleeping problems all week. Luckily there are only a couple things planned for the weekend so I hope to get some rest before next week.

I was at BCC this morning with Donna Sabatino from Tibotec. We were speaking to the women of the ROSE and men's THORNS groups which are heterosexual HIV support groups. We were covering general HIV information, activism, AIDSWATCH2009 and other topics during our two hour meeting. Donna supplied a delicious breakfast spread of eggs, bacon, various breads, pastries, danishes and fruit. We had about 25 in attendance and had a great time visiting with everyone again. I even got to see Peaches who I have not seen in a few months. She was looking great and I got her picture with Dab the AIDS Bear which I will be adding to the graphic on the front page of this website. All to soon it was time for Donna and I to get to the monthly HIV community luncheon at noon.

I flew past the house to check on the dogs and let them out very quickly. Freshened up real quick and then headed to the luncheon at St. Luke's which also had a great turnout especially considering the gorgeous weather outside. Donna did a different presentation at this luncheon which was also another great one but then Donna has been doing this for years like me. Plus she has a naturally outgoing personality which does well with groups. I also had the opportunity to speak with Rev. Harvey and catch up on each other. He missed the last World AIDS Week meeting because of work and I had missed the previous one.

Then it was time to get Gary from work to run him by AHF and sign his Ryan White renewal paperwork. Unfortunately because of a mess up with BCC, AHF did not know about the appointment so Gary is having to reschedule again which is irritating. Every time something like this happens to a patient they are wasting time, possibly losing wages and put under unneeded stress which damages the immune system. I am working with the Department of Health to see if we can get the issue addressed and resolved. It was great seeing everyone at AHF and speaking with Todd.

After running Gary back to finish his day at work, I had to stop by Mailbox, Etc. to send out two more Dab the AIDS Bears. One to Raquel in New York and one to the Pirate in Minnesota. You should both have your Dab the AIDS Bears by next Wednesday on UPS. Thanks again for your help. I have also had more pictures emailed in by donors of their Dab the AIDS Bear which have been posted to the "Where in the World is DAB" section of the website. So check out his latest adventures around the world.

Then it was time to get Gary from work and head home before the rush hour traffic snarled into virtual lock down. We had just made it back to the house before everything started locking up from the overflow and construction delays around the neighborhood. I will be glad when this part of the interstate widening is finished. Not only is it noisy, jams traffic but it also shoots ton of dust in the air which is constantly coating everything inside and outside.

This evening after catching up on emails and calls is going to be a slow one. I am already tired and ready for bed so I probably will not last long.

I hope you have a safe and great weekend. Remember to keep you feet on the ground while reaching for the stars!

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab