April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

Hey friends! I don't know about you... but I'm so glad it's Friday! Welcome to another entry on my blog. It's been a very long week getting over the bad cold I've had. I actually felt better for the first time today in almost three weeks. I still feel tired and week but at least I have some energy. It's been a gorgeous week as far as weather here in Jacksonville. I just wished I'd felt better to spend more time outside before the sweat soaking heat of summer gets here.

For those of you outside the Florida area, our weather tends to have temperatures up to 100 degree and humidity up to 100 percent during our summers. In other words, you start sweating as soon as you step outside... or at least I know I do. So I spend most of the hottest months wearing bathing suits and tank tops which gives me one more reason to continue working out until I'm 70... LOL.

Today was our monthly HIV/AIDS community luncheon at Christ Church of Peace. This month's luncheon was provided by Donna Sabatino from Tibotec Therapeutics. Our meal consisted of oriental food this month. We had a choice of beef or shrimp,served with an egg roll, choice of white or fried rice, a dessert donut like piece and ice tea. Donna and I have met several times and it was great seeing her again. She gave an extensive presentation on HIV and HEP-C which was very well given. There were several great questions from the people attending the luncheon also. Heather and I spoke to Donna briefly after the luncheon about coming to speak at our support group at Lutheran Social Services. Many of our members work during the day and are unable to attend the monthly luncheons. Heather and I were trying to remember if anyone if Hep-C+ but we couldn't remember.

Nathaniel was a sweetheart and gave me a ride to the luncheon. We needed to meet anyway to talk about the project and the recent developments. Nathaniel also needed to do a quick follow up from the focus group I attend a few months ago at NFAN called Positive Living. We also caught up on what's going on with each other's lives. Nathaniel has a great sense of humor and cracks me up. He can always find a way to put a smile on my mug. He had to hurry back to NFAN to help a client before leaving for the weekend.

I spent some time out in my courtyard getting some sun after returning home. My tan had started to fade since I hadn't had much sun in almost three weeks since I had started getting sick with that horrible cold. So the sun not only felt great but also helped even out my tan again.

Gary arrived home from work around 6pm and needed to talk about things going on with his job. He's still very stressed with his position, but short of leaving to a new employer; he will need to find a way to deal with the stress so it doesn't affect his health. No job is worth that but he has to work and have income. Then we sat around and watched television for a couple of hours before bedtime. He fell asleep on the couch as usual after I had already passed out in bed.

Hope that you had a great week and hoping you have an even greater weekend. Do something special for yourself this weekend! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big Bear Hug,

Daddy Dab