April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012
Boy Scout's Homophobia

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Wednesday and we have almost made it through the middle of another work week. It has been another busy week for Dab the AIDS Bear and me.

Now the bear and I hate discrimination and it does not matter if the discrimination is HIV based or another kind of discrimination. So today I would like to share with you a letter I received from the mother of a boy scout. Jennifer Tyrrell was her son's Cub Scout den leader for a year before she was told she had to step down because she's gay. She's asking the Boy Scouts of America to abolish their discriminatory policy. Here is her letter:

My 7-year-old son, Cruz, loves being a Cub Scout, and he really loved when I got to be his pack's den leader. But the Boy Scouts of America asked me to step down as the leader of my son's group -- just because I'm gay. Cruz doesn't understand why that matters, and frankly, neither do I.

When Cruz told us last year that he wanted to be a Boy Scout, my partner and I were concerned. We knew the organization has discriminated against families like ours before. But the other families in Cruz's group were so welcoming and supportive -- they even asked me to be a den leader on the first day.

One year later, our fears came to life. A representative of the Boy Scouts of America abruptly told me I was no longer welcome -- that because I'm gay, I didn't "meet the high standards of membership that the Boy Scouts of America seek."

I hated feeling that my family had been discriminated against, so I started a petition on Change.org asking the Boy Scouts of America to stop discriminating against gay people. Click here to sign my petition.

During the year that I was den leader, my cubs performed volunteer service at a local soup kitchen, collected canned goods for area churches to distribute in food baskets, and worked on a conservation project for a state park.

After I was asked to leave, other parents from my pack were outraged. Some of them even waited for hours to voice their concerns to Boy Scout officials, but they were turned away. As for Cruz, he doesn't really understand why there's a problem. He made a sign that says "I love my two gay moms."

Other organizations like the Girl Scouts and Boys & Girls Clubs of America welcome gay kids as well as adult leaders -- I know that if thousands of people sign my petition, the Boy Scouts will see that it's time for them to adopt a policy that incorporates their own core values of compassion and respect.

Click on the link to sign my petition asking the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay parents to serve. The link is: http://www.change.org/petitions/boy-scouts-of-america-reinstate-cub-scout-leader-who-was-removed-for-being-gay?utm_campaign=qibqqaIMfN&utm_medium=email&utm_source=action_alert


Jennifer Tyrrell

So please copy the link above into our browser and sign the petition to help end discrimination in the boy's scouts.

Hope you have a happy Hump Day!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab