April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008
Hey there! Great to have you join me again for another day of my life.

Today is Sunday and it's been a fantastic day from start to finish. Everything about the day was great from the weather, spending time with Gary, running errands and spending time with the pets.

Gary and I woke up close to the same time this morning which rarely happens. He's usually up hours before me since he works a morning job. Even on the weekends, Gary is usually out of bed by 7am at the latest. After he had his coffee and cigarettes to wake up, we discussed what we wanted to do for the day. We ended up deciding on taking a walk to 5points since Gary needed to go by AmSouth. So we walked down to there and decided on getting something to eat afterwards. We were going to Starbucks but the line was so long we ended up going to the new place across the street from Starbucks. I can't remember the name of the place and it isn't a national chain BUT I'm very glad we ended up going there. It was much nicer than Starbucks. They had a much larger food selection including bagels, frozen drinks, sandwiches, soups and deserts. They had plenty of staff so nobody had to wait long for their order and the employees were very friendly.

We decided on our orders and got them to go so we could walk across the street to Memorial Park to enjoy our morning. I ended up getting a strawberry creme frozen drink and a berry coffee cake. The drink was fantastic. My only complaint was the coffee cake could have been moister. Gary had a mocha chocolate chip frozen drink and a chocolate chip coffee cake and devoured both while we were at the park. We chose a bench with a huge oak tree giving plenty of shade and secluded from most of the other park goers. The park was filled with people. Not far from us was an intermediate yoga class, people walking their dogs and the usual park goers. Memorial Park overlooks the St. John's River and has a beautiful antique fountain. The scenery makes for great pictures especially at sunrise. We stayed at the park for about an hour talking and people watching after finishing our breakfast.

We stopped by Publix (upper end regional grocery store) on our walk back home from the park to pick up a few items. Gary had forgotten to get his cereal when we were grocery shopping earlier in the week and I always pick up more bananas every time I go in a grocery store since I go through so many using them in my protein shakes. We ran into a couple old friends while at Publix and then headed for our way home. Gary started whining about half way home because he hates going for long walks while I love going on walks and hikes. So of course I had to rag him a little. We came home and put the few items away. Then it was time for the monthly flea treatments of the pets. Now the dogs don't mind it much but the cat HATES having any liquid put on her. So we have to literally hold her down and do it quickly before she can squirm her way out and run off. I use Frontline Plus on our pets since it seems to work the best of the three I've tried on them.

Gary and I decided to take some "intimacy time." (Please remember children under 18 also can be reading this so...) It was great reconnecting and then the holding afterwards. With our hectic schedules, it's not easy to schedule our "alone time" as much as I would like. I never though after retiring from corporate America I'd have to worry about scheduling time to meet with people much less my own partner. LOL. Such is life in 2008.

I surprised Gary and barbecued some steaks on the grill. I had found some great fillets at Publix while we're were shopping. Then I made fresh mashed potatoes and french style green beans to finish off the meal. The mashed potatoes I made with garlic, cream, butter, sour cream and cheese. Not exactly low fat but hey they sure were good. The fillet steaks were fantastic and you could have almost cut them with a fork. Gary said everything turned out great but as usual I can only eat so much at one sitting.

Then we watched tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives. Well we both nodded off an on during continuously during the show so I honestly couldn't tell you the story of the episode just parts of it. I do remember a scene between Lynette, her husband and the guy she had an affair with named Rick. Desperate Housewives is one of the few shows I really enjoy watching on television. It's also one of the few on the major networks with very well written scripts. So then we will be stumbling off to bed in just a minute.

There are several things going on this next week but I'll be covering those in my entries. We have a couple of local Divided We Fail events on Friday and Saturday. I also have a doctor appointment and a couple of meetings during the week. So as usual it will be another busy one.

I hope you also had a fantastic weekend and built a special memory. Wishing you health, hope and happiness. Have a great week!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab