April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009
Welcome to My Sunday

Welcome to another day in my life. It has been a beautiful weekend with bright, sunny skies and warm temperatures here in north Florida.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that Gary and I went to the first Riverside Arts Market. We ended up getting down there around 11am and the parking was already a few blocks from the venue. The Market is located on Riverside Blvd under the Fuller Warren Bridge around runs from 10am - 4pm every Saturday through December.

There was a huge turnout with thousands of people walking around. The event had also sold out all their vendor booths which was a good sign. The Market also had live entertainment planned throughout the day. But Gary and I did not see anything we really wanted to buy so it will be interesting to see how the vendors do. I did see the food vendors having long lines since there were only a few of them. We also ran into several people we knew. It was great seeing Derek, Wayne, Dave, Carl and several others. It was definitely a huge turnout from my gay community.

Then we went to European Street on Park Street for lunch since we had not been there in a few months. It is just not the same place since my closed friend and owner, Lou, passed away. Still great food at a great price but not the same without seeing him. We had been friends for almost 15 years when he died in an accident.

Today has been a nice relaxing day and preparing for my trip tomorrow with AARP. I will be traveling to Palm Coast for more training and then back off to Tally for lobbying. At least there is never a dull moment working with all these different organizations not to mention Dab the AIDS Bear Project.

Next weekend is Easter and I know some of you travel over the holiday to see family or friends. I wish you safe travels on your trip.

Now go out and enjoy your weekend. Make a special memory.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab