April 6, 2008

April 6, 2008
Hey Friends! It's Sunday today and I hope someone has started building an ark because it's still storming outside. Just text me the meeting time and location coordinates. I'm not a strong swimmer especially when dealing with an injury.

I was up and down last night again due to my arm and back(surprise, surprise) and it stormed almost all evening. The porch and awning area on my place is very small so you get wet when standing out there during a storm. I don't smoke inside my residence so I suffered through the early morning outside showering. The wind was blowing strong evening to make the rain fall at a steep angle while blowing miscellaneous items around the courtyard.

When I finally woke up for good around noon, it was still storming and strong force winds. Our patio furniture is overturned in the yard and some more limbs have fallen from our neighbor's huge old oak tree. It looks like a window on the house in front of us might have been broken from a fallen branch but I'm not sure. I wish the owner of the property would do something with it instead of just deserting it like they have for the past two years.

But you have to look at the up side of things... at least we're getting rain for the plants and won't have to waste any water of the landscape for a few days. Not having neighbors in the house directly next to mine also gives extra privacy in the courtyard which normally wouldn't be the situation. It also made for a great excuse to stay inside and have a totally lazy weekend which I haven't done in months. Although the down side is noticing how far behind house work has gotten since I've been so busy. That's another thing to add to the to-do list which is continually growing... LOL

I was watching CNN Headline News earlier about the demonstrations during the running of the Olympic Torch in China. I think it's great the way those people are brave enough to bring national attention to the human treatment and rights issues in their country. The United States may not be perfect; but from having traveled to many foreign places and countries... I've rarely if ever found another place that I would even consider living and my heart always ends up brining me home. I had friends from high school and college that moved to Europe, Australia, Netherlands etc. and loved it. I'm just so close to my family I wouldn't want to have the distance and the obstacles to seeing each other when we want.

I'm currently in a period of my life where I'm examing what works in my life and what doesn't. I know there are some issues or things I can work on and some which just need to change since they aren't working.

One of them is smoking. I know it's a stupid habit but I have found out from trying to quit before I am extremely addicted to nicotine. I had very severe withdrawls from the nicotine when I tried to quit before and my behavior greatly altered. I also discovered that I'm a "stress smoker". When I'm under periods of stress, I use smoking as a stress reliever and I probably also have an oral fixation... but that's a whole other story. ROFLOL

I spoke with Diane and the party for her mom, Sylvia, at O'Charley's Steakhouse was a great success. She loved her gifts and received over three dozen roses... one dozen from Larry (Diane's brother) and his new wife. They live in the south side area (Baymeadows, I think) of Jacksonville so we're on opposite sides of the city. Mark, Sylvia's grandson, was unable to get off from work but sent her two dozen beautiful roses. I'm glad she had a great birthday and I was able to speak with her on her special day. Sylvia's a great woman.

It's going to be a long week with appointments and/or meetings scheduled every day. It's going to be one of those weeks where I have to pace myself to keep my energy going. I'm still having to skip upper body workouts while the tendon in my right arm repairs. My range of motion is down about 75 percent and I can't do any movements close to the body with my right arm which is very frustrating and limiting. The brace wasn't horrible to sleep in but you definitely know you are wearing it when you wake up. Using the ice wrap a few times during the day to aid the swelling.

Hopefully, the weather will clear back up in the next couple of days since I'll be all over the city. I also need to get some tanning time in the next few days for at least an hour. At least I have my base tan now, so maintenance can be done at home and not in a tanning salon. Not to mention the benefit of the fresh air and spending time in my courtyard.

I hope that all of you had a great weekend and wishing you an even better week. A smile is contagious... spread it to someone this week.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab