April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008
Welcome back at another entry friends! It's Monday and the start of another week. I hope that you had a great weekend. It's another dreary weather day here in Jacksonville, Florida. But today in addition to the wind and rain, it's also chilly. I also had to get up earlier than normal for a meeting when really all I wanted to do was pull the warm down comforter over my head and go right back to sleep. But duty called so I pulled myself away from the warm sheets into the cold world.

So I struggled out of my warm, comfy bed and rushed through my shave and shower to get ready for my meeting with Cindy at Jasmyn. Luckily their house is only about a mile away so it's easy walking and good exercise. I did enjoy my walk from home to the Jasmyn house despite the current weather conditions. The last part of my walk today took me through Riverside Park where all the plants are in bloom and the trees are shedding pollen like crazy. (which doesn't help the sinuses at all!) There is also a beautiful fountain pond and bird sanctuary in the center of the park that can be viewed from most locations. Well it's beautiful now the Department of Parks is keeping it clean again finally. For years the trash and junk in the water was disgusting. But about two - three years ago around the time my city hosted the Super Bowl; the city poured a ton of money into the parks and appearance in the city.

Cindy met me shortly after I arrived at the Jasmyn house and we retreated to her office. We covered and signed the memo of understanding between our two organizations. I also received a copy of the form to use for donations the project receives whether monetary or merchandise. Cindy and I also discussed the current problem of young gay men becoming infected with HIV. In the past 18 months, we are seeing in several cities a huge increase in the number of young gay men testing positive. So we're looking at ways our two organizations can work in co-operation with each other in finding solutions to the problem. I also told her about the grant through AARP/Divided We Fail and asked her to get together a presentation folder for me to submit by the deadline and see if we can get them the grant. I know it's a long shot but it never hurts to try.

I could tell on the walk home that the temporary break in the rain wasn't going to last much longer and it even seemed chillier than on my way to Jasmyn. Even though it was great to get some exercise since I've been unable to do upper body workouts due to an injury, I was more than glad when I arrived home seconds before the next downpour started. I barely had time to get the dogs outside to use the rest room before it was time to run them inside before they were soaked by the storm. Harley and Sugar both are big prisses and can't stand to get their paws wet.

My body is feeling like it's trying to fight a cold or virus. I felt feverish and wiped out so I went to the bedroom and climbed back in under the comforter. My stomach has also been upset all day so I'm just hoping it's not the flu. I have way too much to do this week to be getting sick. Sugar, my white dog, insisted on taking a nap with me. She is happiest when receiving love and constant attention. Sounds like some guys I've dated... LOL.

I'll be calling it an early night since I have to be up early for a World AIDS Week committee meeting tomorrow. Beth is picking me up around 9:30ish so I have to be up a couple of hours before hand. Since my stroke, it seems to take me longer to get going. But at least there weren't much in the way of noticeable long term physical effects except when I get really tired my speech will slurred a little and my right side gets a touch slow. But all things considered I was very fortunate and lucky.

Going to enjoy some time on the couch with all my animals after finishing this entry and then get ready for bed. I could use another good night's sleep. Hopefully this virus or cold I've come into contact with is only a 24 hour kind.

Hope that all of you had a great Monday! Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab