August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008
How your day going today? It's Sunday today and another wonderful day in the world. Nothing beats waking up on the right side of the grass to start a day off right!

Since I am still ordered on best rest by my doctor and following orders as I should be doing, I have been spending most of my time at home with the pets. Still not feeling great so I am spending most of the time sleeping or napping. I am currently running a low grade fever and have a lung infection and bronchitis so the combination has been keeping my eyes burning and my bones aching. Sound like an old man don't I? LOL.

I am not sure if you have heard the latest updates on the John Edwards sex scandal. What you say... there is a John Edwards sex scandal? (Yes, I talked about the news in yesterday's blog.) Well even though main stream media has not been reporting on the story, it does appear Mr. Edwards is going to stay in the news even though I am sure he wishes it would all go away. Edwards faced fresh questions tonight about his adulterous affair with a blonde filkmaker, including how much he knew about the payment of thousands of dollars to his mistress after she became pregnant last year. Mr. Edwards was forced to admit on Friday that after months of lies and public denials he had indeed cheated on his wife during his latest White House bid by conducting an affair with Rielle Hunter, a videographer who gave birth to a baby girl in February. As Mr Edwards confessed to the relationship on Friday night, denying allegations that he was the father of Ms Hunter’s child, his former campaign finance director admitted that he had made payments to her last year to set her up in a house in Santa Barbara, California. Mr Edwards said on Friday that he had not “requested, agreed to or supported” payments of any kind to Ms Hunter, but conceded in a later interview that friends or supporters might have sent her money without telling him.

Mr Edwards was forced to admit the affair after persistent allegations for ten months by The National Enquirer, the supermarket tabloid, that he had an affair with Ms Hunter and was the father of her child. Only after reporters from the magazine confronted him in a Beverly Hills hotel on July 21 this year - after he had spent five hours in a room with Ms Hunter - did he finally confess. He initially denied the hotel encounter report. But he admitted on Friday that it was accurate, and that he had not told his wife, who is suffering from incurable cancer, about the meeting with Ms Hunter before it occurred. Mr Edwards said that the affair began and ended in 2006, and that he could not be the baby’s father because Ms Hunter did not become pregnant until mid-2007. A former campaign aide to Mr Edwards, Andrew Young - a married father of three - said at the end of 2007 that he was the father. (Wonder how much that statement from Young cost?) When the Enquirer first reported that Ms Hunter was pregnant late last year, she issued a statement: “This has no relationship to, nor does it involve, John Edwards in any way. Andrew Young is the father of my child.” Ms Hunter’s daughter was born on February 27, but no father was listed on the birth certificate. Mr Edwards said he would be “happy” to take a paternity test.

Ms Hunter issued a statement on Saturday that she would not take any genetic test “now or in the future.”

Yet Mr Edward will continue to be dogged by the Enquirer. It will go to press tonight alleging that Mr Edwards orchestrated the payments to Ms Hunter, that he carried on their affair throughout 2007, and that he is the father of the child.

Barry Levine, the Enquirer’s executive editor, told The Times that the magazine will allege details of other “regular” visits Mr Edwards has made to Ms Hunter though 2007 and into 2008. After Ms Hunter became pregnant, she moved from New York to a gated community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, close to where Mr Young lived with his family. When the Enquirer reported in December 2007 that she was eight months pregnant - and claimed that Mr Edwards was the father - she, Mr Young, his wife and his three children, moved to a gated community in Santa Barbara, all living under the same roof. Fred Baron, a wealthy retired Texas lawyer and Mr Edwards’s former finance chairman, said on Friday he made payments to get Ms Hunter and Mr Young to California and out of the spotlight. He confirmed that she and Mr Young’s family all lived under the same roof until recently. Mr Levine said Mr Edwards’s statement that he knew nothing of the payments was “categorically false”. So yet another politician falls onto his own sword of hypocrisy.

Gary and I also watched several hours of the Olympics today since we are both not feeling well. I did get to see Phelps win his first gold medal of this Olympics last evening and the awards platform ceremony for his win. His mother and sisters were in the crowd cheering their lungs out. I also have the fortune of seeing three other US athletes win medals in several different swimming events. So far we have won the most medals but there is still a long way to go before the competitions are over.

Well that's about it for me today. What's up in your life. Drop me a line and let me know how things are going for you. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab