August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012
Q&A: Dab Garner and HIV Activism

Welcome to another day in my life, today is Sunday and I hope you're having a safe and great weekend so far. It has been another busy weekend as Dab the AIDS Bear is still at the Olympics in London, England. The bear has been missing friends back in the United States and is looking forward to being time in a couple of days.

Recently there was a new article about Dab the AIDS Bear and me concerning what we do for people with HIV and AIDS which was written by a staff reporter from the Star Tribune in Minnesota. You can read the story by going to:

we were very flattered to have her story featured by this national newspaper, which also includes the latest video we did for an initiative called Faces of HIV and AIDS that we did for the Florida Department of Health. I have received several messages from people who have viewed the video and said that it's necessary for you to keep a box of tissues on hand. If it is true that it's the video has touched these people so deeply, I'm glad I was able to eloquently express what it was like for the early survivors of HIV and AIDS in the United States.

We have taken over 400 pictures during the Olympics in London. So stay tuned for future slideshows featuring the pictures from all the different about its with Dab the AIDS Bear. I hope to have the slide showed nine in about a week, and will then be posted to this blog.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney announced his running mate for the upcoming presidential national elections. I wish I could say I'm surprised that he pick such an ultraconservative, but in reality I guess I'm really not. I can only hope that this will help ensure the President Obama will be reelected. Now I know some people may not agree with me but I truly believe that the reelection of President Obama will be the best thing for people living with HIV and AIDS in our country. Especially considering in the next couple of years, we have to get Ryan White funding renewed so we can continue to help Americans living with HIV and AIDS.

Dab the AIDS Bear and I are totally worn out from all the running around we been doing for the past month so I'm going to keep the blog, short for today.

But we hope that you will have a safe and great Sunday!

Remember that life is not a dress rehearsal, so get out there and enjoy your day and make the most of it.

Until we meet again, here's wishing you health hope, happiness and just enough.

Big bear hug.

Daddy Dab