August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008
Welcome back. Needing another fix of Daddy Dab's Blog are you? Well thanks for joining me for another day in my life.

It started off another typical day of my life. I have been staying close to home after some recent health problems and enjoying the coverage of the Olympics in China. I wish our men's and women's gymnastics teams had done better but we still have the individual event medals to go. I have talked about the various controversies happening during this Olympics from the death of a US coach's parent, to lip synching children, the Spanish Men's Basketball teams racial ad and the questionable age of the Chinese female gymnasts. But all in all, it has seemed like a great competition in many sports with us doing the best in swimming and a few other sports.

That's better than I can so for us here in Jacksonville. It seems every time I turn on the local news there has been another shooting or murder. (Did I move to NYC and forget that I moved?) We recently had American Idol here for people to be able to audition for next season's show. Well guess what happened here in our wonderful city. After a female teen contestant, Ashlee, had been cut from American Idol, her dad took her to dinner. When they arrived back at their Northside Motel they couldn't get into their room. Joel, Ashlee's dad says he had a bad feeling. That's when a stranger came up on them and told them how to get into their room. Then the stranger pointed a gun at them telling them he would shoot. Ashlee's dad says he wanted to keep his daughter safe so he walked out of the room hoping the gunman would follow. He did and the young singer was left alone, so she locked herself in the bathroom and called 9-1-1. Ashlee says he feared she'd never see her dad again. After he was robbed, while the thug still had a gun pointed at Joel, two women walked up and scared the gunman away. Police say the suspect was last seen in a white explorer. The teen and her dad are back in South Florida, hoping the suspect gets caught so no one gets hurt.

Now the first glaring problem is there was witnesses yet the police have yet to catch the thief... What is up with that? And I have barely heard about this on the local news. I read about it online. Hmmmm... please tell me our city's reputation has not gotten bad enough so that the press isn't reporting the worst of the news now because tourists were here for the American Idol tryouts? I know I don't feel safe in my own neighborhood at times now. I have called and complained about the drug dealers and the prostitution yet nothing ever seems to happen. It's very frustrating because this could be a very nice neighborhood. With today being Friday, we will be seeing this type of constant activity going on across the street for most of the weekend.

So what about you? Do you live somewhere that you have similar problems without getting much help from your local authorities? I know I have heard from people in the support groups that I sponsor talking about the high crime in their areas of town with northside and westside being some of the worst. You would think the mayor's new safety plan would be addressing the issue. You would also think Sheriff Rutherford would be doing his community walk thru in these bad neighborhood. Our previous sheriff, Nat Glover, walked through the our neighborhoods, including the worst ones, as part of his weekly community action plan. Since Sheriff Rutherford has taken office, the community walks have decreased to less than once a month and are not happening in high crime areas. Locals have stated they felt much safer and more part of the community with the police before our new sheriff took office. The sheriff lays the blame of lack of funding which I do not totally buy. Lack of dollars should not keep the sheriff himself from going through our high crime areas. That is unless he is too scared or considers himself too important or good to do them.

Gary returned home from a long day of work and I made us some delicious fillets on the grill, baked potatoes and fresh corn with butter. Everything turned out just right and we both inhaled our meals since we were both starving. I could tell Gary had a long day of work because of how quiet he was when he returned home. Normally he is very chatty about his day. Not much was on television tonight so we ended up watching some of the Olympics coverage and a few specials on the comedy channel. Not much else happened today and I am ready to go collapse into bed so today is going to be a short blog entry.

I hope you have made some special plans for your weekend. While Gary and I haven't made any plans since he has to work this weekend, I am sure we will come up with something fun to go do if only for a few hours. I know when Gary is working all weekend he likes to have a lot of down time.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab