August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008
Hey there! How's it going today? Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog for today. Today is Tuesday, August 19th.

I actually had a pretty good night sleep last evening. I was able to get to bed around 1:30am after watching the Olympic coverage. Gary was not snoring for a change. Well at least he did not snore long enough for me to get to sleep where I did not hear him if he did. So I was actually able to get up and going by 9:30am without feeling totally exhausted from lack of sleep.

Of course, first thing I did upon getting out of bed was making my morning protein shake. I have upped my calories trying to put back on some of the weight I have lost since the stroke a couple of months ago. I am also hoping to get the go ahead from my doctors soon to start working out again so I can get my body back into decent shape. I do not care for the current condition of my body and am passed ready to get it solid again. Then it was time to spend some quality time with my Chipper, Harley, Sugar and Kitty (my four pets). So it was outside this morning while the weather was only overcast for a game of fetch and some fresh air for all of us.

A lot of people has emailed asking how I am holding up on ordered home rest by my doctor. Until the past couple of days, it took all my energy just doing the things I have to do every day so staying home has not been a big issue. I am starting to feel a little better and am sure cabin fever will start within the next few weeks. So I will be itching to get back out around people as my health will allow.

If you read the past couple of blog entries, we are now waiting for Tropical Storm Faye as it prepares to strike Florida. Key West awoke to almost empty streets and light rain Monday ahead of approaching Tropical Storm Fay, while public works crews cleared sidewalks of newspaper stands that could become projectiles in high winds. All tourists were urged to evacuate but many bars and restaurants remained open, even if crowds were considerably thinner than typical for this time of year. Not many seemed very worried about the approaching storm, which wasn't expected to pack much of a punch compared to previous ones. Traffic leaving Key West and the Lower Keys Sunday night and Monday morning remained light but steady. A hurricane watch was in effect for most of the Keys and along Florida's west coast to Tarpon Springs. Early today, a tropical storm warning was issued for Florida's east coast from Jupiter Inlet southward and along Florida's west coast from Bonita Beach southward, including Lake Okeechobee. A tropical storm warning remained in effect for the Florida Keys from Ocean Reef to Key West. A hurricane watch was in effect for most of the Keys and along Florida's west coast to Tarpon Springs. A tropical storm watch was in effect for from north of Jupiter Inlet to Sebastian Inlet. Keys officials Sunday had issued a mandatory evacuation order for visitors and asked those who had not yet arrived to postpone their trips. Officials said hotels and businesses won't be forced to remove visitors, but they should use common sense. Fay, the sixth named storm of the 2008 Atlantic season, was expected to approach hurricane strength after crossing Cuba and begin approaching the Keys. Fay has already killed at least five people after battering Haiti and the Dominican Republic with weekend torrential rains and floods. At 5 a.m. this morning, the storm's center was located over central Cuba and about 155 miles south-southeast of Key West and was moving toward the north-northwest near 12 mph. Maximum sustained wind speeds were near 50 mph. Forecasters expected the storm to begin moving to the north soon. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency Saturday as an emergency operations center opened in Tallahassee. He said 9,000 Florida National Guard troops were available, but only 500 were on active duty Sunday. So keep your fingers crossed and let us hope for no injuries or death from this storm. It should reach my area some time on Wednesday so I will fill you in more tomorrow as I get the news.

Around noon, I started getting ready to go to NFAN for a support group meeting with Nathaniel. Nathaniel has started a new gay men's group through his Healthy Relationships focus study. So after all the help he has been with the project, the least I can do is show up and give my support for his new effort. As with most funding situations, the attendance for events drives future funding for more events. I may also have more news coming up about Nathaniel in the very new future. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for developing news. Nathaniel came and picked me up for the support group around 1:30pm since we thought it would probably be storming. Otherwise, I would just have rode the B6 city bus to the meeting since NFAN is only about two miles at most from the house. There was a pretty good turnout for out first meeting. We had eight guys show up today and most seemed enthusiastic about our mission statement to be advocates in our communities. We will be meeting once a month and Nathaniel has asked me to be the co-facilitator. So we will see how things go with future meetings. Of course, I will also continue to co-facilitate my long term survivor group at Lutheran Social Services. Luckily neither requires much energy and only last about an hour to an hour and a half per session. I also got see my friends Paul and Beth while at NFAN. Because of my recent health problems, I had not see Beth in almost two and a half months. She was so sweet and teared up because she had been so worried about me. Beth is a wonderful loving person and I am lucky to call her my friend.

I was incredibly tired by the time Nathaniel drove me home even though it was only a short meeting. So I fixed some left over beef stew and then went to lay down for a nap. I had planned on sleeping for only a couple of hours until Gary got home from work. But I had such a bad headache that I ended up sleeping until 2am. So it is actually already very early Tuesday morning as I am finishing this entry.

So how about you? Anything exciting or interesting happen to you today? Drop me a line when you get a chance. I hope you have a great Tuesday.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab