August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010
In Loving Memory of Thom Duncan

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Thursday and I hope you are having a safe and great week. If you read the blog from yesterday, you know Dab the AIDS Bear and I are currently busy at the National Gay Men's Health Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Today is day two of the summit. We had to be up at 6:30am so I would have time to get ready, walk and feed the dogs and get to the Sheraton near our airport where the event is being held.

Yesterday, we manned the Fusion table from 10am until 5pm. We met Mario at Fusion at 9am so we could load the cars with all the handout materials and give away items. Then we headed to the hotel to set the tables up before people started checking in at 10am.

We got some great shots with the people who showed up for the pre-summit meetings holding Dab the AIDS Bear in support of people living with HIV and AIDS. Everyone was so nice and we also got to see some of our old friends. It was great seeing people I usually get to see at the Positive Living Conference in Fort Walton Beach which I was unable to make this year because of health problems. So it looks like it is going to be a great week. We have even more old friends flying into today so we are really looking forward to a great day.

I know I was exhausted by the end of the day. So we headed home so we could walk the dogs before the showers started. Then it was time to figure out what we were going to have for dinner. Ended up having some left over fried chicken and potato salad. Then I spent the rest of the evening working on photos from yesterday and getting caught up on emails. Then I had a few phone calls to return.

Unfortunately one of my oldest and dearest friends Thom Duncan passed away last evening. I had known Thom my whole life and wish I could have seen him again but I was already obligated to be at this summit this week. I have spoken to our mutual friends in Pensacola and was told Thom was not able to recognize people since they have been giving him so many pain killers. In a way, I guess it is for the best since I will always remember him as the vibrant and full of life guy I have known since I was a child. But his passing has left me grieving and very upset. I will miss Thom terribly. My condolences to his partner Rick, his daughters and the rest of his family.

Which leads me to remind everyone to let people know you love them every chance you get. I luckily got to speak with Thom and tell him I loved him recently for his 57th birthday. Little did I know at the time, we would never get to speak again. So please call those you care about and let them know how you feel. You never know when you might not get another chance.

Need to get headed to the hotel but wanted to get the blog for today done first. I hope you have a great day.

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab