August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013
Is Penis Size Linked To Sexual Health?

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I think almost every man measure some type of his worth by penis size. Even women like to discuss the penis size of their sexual partners. But penis size is what it is because of your parents. Can anything else be done about the size?

Want to be bigger? Safe and effective penis enlargement is possible

We often forget that our penis is a muscle, but it is and lack of use can contribute to your penis shrinking in size.

In fact according to a recent study, men can lose as much as 2 inches off their erections if they don’t masturbate or have sex enough, as this lack of ‘exercise’ can lead to atrophy.

And in many ways this makes a lot of sense, as masturbating is not all that different from doing penis exercises as you are essentially stretching your penis.

So masturbating can lead to a bigger penis?

Not exactly, but the strengthening it encourages can reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and stop your penis from getting smaller.

The only real way to improve the size of your penis is to combine penis exercises with penis extenders, penis pumps or surgery.

How to do penis exercises…

The most common form of penis exercise is jelqing which consists of 34 eight minute exercises which you should perform for 20 minutes a day.

Now all of these exercises produce the same effects – increased blood flow, harder erections and temporary penile increases – however the best ones for producing visible gains is one of the following.

1. Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of penis with one hand, and using a milking motion, gently apply pressure and move your hand up towards the head of your penis. When it nears the top, take your other hand and repeat the motion until you are alternating between each hand.

2. Taking the end of your penis, slowly pull it away from your body until you’re at a point where it is beginning to hurt, then stop and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat (this should encourage the part of your penis which remains inside of your body to extend out and add inches).

Do either of these exercises daily and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your penis, not only in its appearance but with its performance in the bedroom.

Yet this is not all you can do…

Combine these exercises with one of the following and you can experience more visual gains.

• Penis extenders – invest in a good penis extender (one backed by clinical studies, made from Medical Type 1 materials and has a guarantee) and you can achieve long lasting gains.

Applying traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, this causes cells to break away from the walls and replicate. As these new cells accumulate in mass, this encourages your penis to hold more blood; attain harder, longer lasting erections; reduce premature ejaculation and curvatures and most importantly add inches to your penis. For more information visit

• Penis pumps – these may only produce temporary gains, but they are still good for improving your penis health.

Creating a vacuum around your penis, this causes more blood to be drawn into your penis, triggering bigger, harder erections and helping you to last longer in the bedroom.

One word of caution though – do not use excessively as overuse can damage the blood vessels in your penis.

• Surgery – penis enlargement surgery is certainly one way to achieve instant gains. Whether you choose to cut the suspensory ligament (adds an inch, but stops your penis from pointing up when erect), insert inflatable tubes (which you can pump up to achieve an erection) or you apply a skin graft (as long as it takes can add inches to your penis), all come with an element of risk (scarring, deformity) so you need to be 100% certain before you try.

Like the studies say, keep your penis trained and active, and you can help to keep your penis healthy and strong. Yet combine it with one of the above and you can achieve the penis size you so crave.

Hope you have a beary safe and great start to your week!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

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