UF Rainbow Center at Shands Jacksonville

Clinical Center, Third Floor 655 W. Eighth St. Jacksonville, FL 32209 Main Line: (904) 244-3051 Appointments: (904) 244-2120 Mobeen Rathore, M.D. -

Duval County Health Department - Women and Children's Health Services Jacksonville Central Health Plaza 525 west 6th Street Jacksonville, Florida 32206 Telephone: 630-3300 Hours of Operation: 8 am - 5 pm Mon.- Fri. Duval County Health Department provides the highest quality, family medical care. This care is provided at each of eight health centers located throughout the county.

Children Services: Health care, dental care, immunizations, physical exams and various other programs as they relate to children and their health.

Children's Home Society 3027 San Diego Road Jacksonville, Florida 32247 Telephone: 348-2811 Contact Person: Mary Shell, Program Director

Services: A multi-service children's welfare agency providing adoption services, foster care for children with AIDS, or who test positive for HIV infection, long term group care, emergency shelters, parents education programs, and services for unwed mothers including maternity home care.

Sliding fee scale, but no one is denied services because of inability to pay. Serves all ages up to 18.

Children's Medical Services (Florida Department of Health) 910 North Jefferson Street Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Telephone: 360-7070 State funded organization for special needs children to ensure that the needed services are administered.

Services: Identification and care of medically indigent children from birth to twenty-one years of age who require specialized diagnostic, and treatment for chronic handicapping conditions when their physical functions are impaired by accident, disease, or congenital malformation.

Specific Services Offered: * Clinical Services * Physician Services * Nursing and social Services * Hospitalization

Major Disease Entities Accepted by CMS: Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip and palate, amputees, cardiovascular disorders, certain speech (cleft palate) and hearing disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, musculoskeletal disorders, genitourinary disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, neoplastic disorders, endocrine disorders, neurological abnormalities and insults, neonatal disorders, HIV infection, Sickle Cell and other hematological disorders, genetic and metabolic disorders, severe attachment disorders and significant sensory impairment.

* Eligibility is based on both medical and financial criteria. The Primary Care Program is a Medicaid based program for children with Special Needs.

* The Medical Director determines medical eligibility. Eligibility depends upon the degree of disability, progressiveness of the condition and availability to influence the condition with treatment.

* Services are available to children who reside in the State of Florida, but no required length of residency is required.

Planned Parenthood of Northeast Florida, Inc. 3850 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, Florida 32207 Telephone: 399-2800

Locations: 6733 103rd Street Jacksonville, Florida 32210 Telephone: 777-5725

25 Sailfish Drive Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233 Telephone: 249-2378

Services: Family Planning Clinic - To provide low-cost gynecological and family planning care, and birth control supplies in a patient oriented, confidential environment. Also provides services for sexually transmitted disease diagnosis, treatment, pre-natal services, adoption counseling, abortion services, and anonymous HIV testing and counseling.

Youth Crisis Center 3015 Parental Home Road Jacksonville, Florida 32216 Telephone: 725-6662 Services: Provides residential treatment for runaway children, both male and female, ages 10-17. AIDS education provided for residents in cooperation with Family Health Services. Outpatient counseling and intervention services for families with troubled teens. Children ages 10-17 must have no criminal charges pending.