Dab the AIDS Bear
HIV/AIDS Awareness Pin

Dab the AIDS Bear HIV Awareness Pin
Dab the AIDS Bear HIV Awareness Pin
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Product Description

We're proud to present our official project pin: Dab the AIDS Bear HIV Awareness Pin. For a donation of $10.00, you can receive your very own Dab the AIDS Bear Pin.

Teddy Bears are a world wide symbol of both strength and compassion. They are appropriate for all ages and genders. The teddy bear is also the symbol and mascot of our project: Dab the AIDS Bear. He has now been had the honor of having his likeness made into our new HIV Awareness pin.

Show your support for people living with HIV and AIDS. Honor those in your life that you lost to AIDS.

Our pin is made of 100% pewter with a Red enamel HIV Awareness Ribbon on it's body.

The profits from our teddy bear pin benefit the children's Teddy Bear Touchdown and summer camps for kids with HIV and AIDS. YOU can help bring back hope and joy to children suffering from HIV/AIDS with your sponsorship of these two events for them.

Our HIV Awareness Pin are available for a $5 donation when requested with additional donation toward any Dab the AIDS Bear items.

For pin order quantities of 6 or more, please email Daddy Dab at daddydab@dabtheaidsbearproject.com for discounted amount. Makes a great fund raiser for organizations, businesses and groups.