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Dab the Aids Bear - Public Relations and Media
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Hi. I'm Dab the Aids Bear. I am the original DAB THE AIDS BEAR and the official mascot of Dab the Aids Bear Project and Chair for Public Relations. I'm originally from San Francisco, CA and am currently based with my creator Daddy Dab in Jacksonville, Florida.

The gang, aka the Board members, and I have to educate fellow Americans about when people with HIV and AIDS are put on waiting lists for financial assistance obtaining their life saving mediations and to assist with HIV Prevention in the United States.

I make the perfect mascot, cheer leader and friend. I don't need to sleep, will never tell your secrets, wear your clothes, do not need to be fed or taken outside and I can give endless hours of love and care.

I also make a great protector and defender. I can make even the most heartless mean person cower and run for cover when riled especially when it comes to my family, friends and community.

Book my appearance for your holiday, birthday or event today with your donation. YOU can help save a fellow American man, woman or child with HIV and AIDS.

Make your life saving donation today.

Until there's a cure wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Dab the AIDS Bear