December 1, 2007

December 1, 2007
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Today started off with Heather coming to pick me up for the Library's World AIDS Week event. It was held at our main library downtown. More than 20 organizations had vendor tables including this project. Luckily, our table seem to get the most attention and I was lucky enough to be interviewed by both Channel 4 and Channel 12 news for World AIDS Week. I think the interview with Channel 12 went a little smoother than Channel 4 but I'm always grateful when anywhere in Jacksonville will cover HIV and AIDS Events.

There was a great band that provided music during the event. It was also great talking to a few young people about getting tested for HIV. Then I saw them go for the free testing that was being offered.

After the event, my friend Walter took a few of us over to Starbuck's in Riverside to chill out before the candle light march and memorial service. We ran into a few guys that we knew and caught up.

Then we headed to the church at Eight and Main where the march and memorial service were held. This is also the location that we had our World AIDS Week meetings for the past year. My breath was literally taken away when I walked into the reception room. It was decorated with Quilt panels, red roses, and red ribbon balloons.

The service was emotional as always with several speakers, a performance of the First Coast Chorus and a couple of other church and gospel choirs, and the lighting of candles and calling of names. I mentioned Brad, David and "Lil Bit". Afterwards, everyone went into the reception area and had a great time. The caterer did an excellent job as always with a great spread and service.

I was asked to go out to the bars afterwards, but not being much of a bar person and being dead tired on my feet after a whole week of World AIDS events; I went home and fell into bed dead asleep. The next three week are very busy weeks and then our Teddy Bear Touchdown on December 21st with our wonderful children.

I hope that all of you had a great World AIDS Day!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab