December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008
Home Sweet Home For the Holidays

Thanks for stopping by to check out another day in my life. I made it through the Monday Blues and have a busy rest of the week.

Home for most of us brings back fond memories. Whether you are thinking about growing up in your parents' home or the home you currently live in now, we build the memories of our lives at home more than anywhere else.

So I am glad to announce that for some Americans staying in their homes might get a little easier.

Fannie Mae will allow tenants to remain in their homes and avoid eviction even if the building's landlord goes into foreclosure, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

Fannie Mae, a government-controlled mortgage finance company, previously had said it would not evict tenants during the year-end holiday season.

Despite that pledge, Fannie Mae came under pressure from a legal-aid group that threatened to sue over recent evictions in Connecticut, the newspaper said in its electronic edition.

Fannie Mae plans to sign new leases with renters living in foreclosed properties owned by the company. It also would ensure that its holiday moratorium on new evictions was being followed until the new policy becomes effective in January.

So this is great news for those having delinquent mortgages with Fannie Mae. I hope those outside of the Fannie Mae system get some help from our government soon. There are already too many families living on the streets without adding millions more.

I would like to take time to thank all of you for your wonderful holiday cards. We have been overwhelmed with cards from around the globe this month. We have received over 120 cards and I am greatly humbled by all your well wishes.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Luckily, I did most of my shopping online this year and am just waiting on the last of the deliveries. I find I enjoy the holidays much more if I do my shopping online and do not try to go to the malls and stores with all the shoving and crowding.

I hope your week is going great so far. Remember to keep your feet on the ground as you are reaching for the stars.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab