December 7, 2007

December 7, 2007
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I spent most of the day in bed still with a 102 degree fever and sweating the whole day. I was hoping to get enough rest to wear I would at least feel human for the concert this evening but instead my lungs feel even worse. It's all I can do to breath without breaking into another coughing fit.

I dragged myself through a shower and then getting dressed. Unfortunately my suit and shirt were soaked with sweat within 15 minutes of getting dressed... so much for making a good first impression.

Heather and I finally made it to the church for the concert. Unfortunately although tables were provided for other organizations, we had no table to use so we ended up using a broken down credenza to put our material on which was located at the very back of the social hall by the entrance to the kitchen.

Then half of our volunteers for the evening didn't show up which didn't help anything. The concert was definitely different from the type the chorus usually does... definitely ambitious. The church is an architectural beauty reminiscent of a castle inside with a beautiful pipe organ. It's also a very large church which I wasn't expecting so only about half the seats were filled.

The Names Project is receiving the profits from the concert and there's also items that people can purchase tickets to enter to win. My breathing was so bad after the intermission that unfortunately we had to leave. I just wasn't able to get enough oxygen into my lungs so I came home and did a breathing treatment which helped little. It just feels like I'm trying to breathe in water with a very heavy weight on my chest.

Going to bed and hopefully I will feel better for tomorrow night's concert. Hope that all of you are having a great weekend!

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab