February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Saturday and it is also Valentine's Day. On the downside, it is also my 33rd anniversary of living with HIV. But don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for still being alive when so many of my friends are gone.

Now Valentine's Day can be great for people who have a special person in their life. But for those single, it can be a painful reminder that they currently do not have someone to love them romantically.

So I would like to remind all of you regardless of your relationship status, that Dab the AIDS Bear loves you. And Dab the AIDS Bear will always be there for you. Since 1981, Dab the AIDS Bear has been spreading love and hope to those living with HIV and AIDS.

The following is a special Valentine's Day slide show featuring pictures of Dab the AIDS Bear from around the world entitled "Somebody to Love":

Hope you enjoyed the slide show. We would like to thank everyone for showing Dab the AIDS Bear so much love from around the world for over three decades. When I first started the bears I never knew how much love we would receive in return.

Hope you have a beary Happy Valentine's Day and a safe and great Saturday!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab