February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Monday and while I still have a ton of work to do, it is so nice to be back home.

Enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night with the Saints winning in spectacular form in the last quarter. Having lived in New Orleans for a very short time many years ago, it was great seeing them win after all the problems in that city since the big hurricane. There were several fantastic commercials during the game also including of course Budweiser, Doritos, Monster, Coke and many others. Even better watching the game at home instead of being there stuck in all those people or in a bar.

I am back in Ft. Lauderdale after being in Jacksonville for a week packing up and cleaning the old place; seeing doctors and other errands. It was a very emotional week for me. It is hard leaving the city and people I have come to love for the past ten years. Even though I am no longer there they will be in my heart forever. I was truly blessed with some wonderful friends while being there.

But this is a new chapter to my life. We still have to finish unpacking of course; but at least we are done with the packing and moving into storage. I hate moving and so glad that part is over as of this afternoon. Then just have to get everything settled into place over the next week.

I know the dogs are glad we are back also. They were acting so nervous while we were in Jacksonville. I guess because they have gotten use to their daily walks around our new safe neighborhood. And of course seeing boxes everywhere and us packing had to be unsettling for them. Pleus we did not have the time to spend on them like we normally do since we were so busy getting everything ready to go.

Now I have a ton of new things to accomplish in the next few weeks. I have to get in touch with the local AIDS organizations and see which one I am going to switch to as a consumer. I also have to find a new Infectious Disease doctor, general practice doctor and others. At least I already know where the new pharmacy is located. And my Ryan White does not run out until the end of April so I will need to see what I need to do about that.

Oh well, that is what happens when you move to a new city. Fun fun, fun. But it has to be done. Then I can finally start feeling settled again, enjoying life and be able to get some rest. I am worn out from this move.

The other advantage to south Florida is the weather is not nearly as cold as it is in north Florida. And with the neuropathy and arthritis, I definitely prefer the milder winter. I have luckily already met several very nice people through Fusion who I am looking forward to getting to know better.

So how was your weekend? Drop me a line and let me know. I hope your week is off to a safe and great start. Time for me to get back to work.

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab