January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009
Batter Up!

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my life today. It has been a very busy one.

Seems like ever so often there are a ton of personal things to take care of in addition to every day life. I am having to renew my disability again. Did I miss something? When did they find a cure for AIDS?

It would be bad enough if I had to go through all the paperwork once a year. But no, that is not good enough. I have two do this every six months in addition to filing for Ryan White benefits. Renewals also require a doctor visit and the doctor filing out a form which takes at least a week even with a great doctor like mine. Then you have to have all the paperwork back to them in a month. Like that gives you enough time. So needless to say I am swamped. Anyway, I will get off my soap box.

We are still dealing with freezing temperatures here in Florida. Tonight the temperature will be below freezing all the way past West Palm Beach, Florida which is very rare. Orlando is expecting a hard freeze which will also hurt the orange groves. But my how Orlando has changed in 30 years huh!

I also have to get some paperwork into AICP program and Beth at NFAN. Hopefully next Monday when it is warmer. I always enjoy spending some time with Beth anyway and I will be missing the community luncheon this month because I am doing a HIV/AIDS info table at a health fair at Edward Waters College.

I received the two statements I needed to file my taxes and did that online today. One more thing out of the way that I do not have to worry about. Luckily, I get a small return each year.

The steering committee for the Positive Living Conference had a conference call today. It was great talking with everyone as always. Some of these men I have known for many years and I admire all of them for their work with the HIV and AIDS communities. I am so looking forward to the convention which is in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida during March.

I did finally connect with my brother, Rob, on the telephone and wished him a belated birthday. We filled each other in with what is going on in our lives since we had not talked in a few months. He works nights when I usually think about calling someone and he knows I travel a lot. But it was great hearing he and the family are doing great.

Plus I have finally started working out again after getting clearance from both of my doctors. I do a light full body weight resistance workout 3x a week and I also do cardio and abs 3x a week with one day of rest. I will follow this schedule for about a month while my body gets used to working out again. I started on Monday and am still getting a little muscle soreness due to lactic acid after each workout. That should stop in the next month or so with just a good worn out feeling after my workouts. I will keep you advise how things are going.

As far as supplements, I always do 2 protein shakes every day and eat 3 small meals in addition. My protein shakes are made with chocolate Slimfast, creatine powder, a banana, 3 scoops of GNC whey protein powder and 8 ice cubes. Blend and you have a delicious chocolate protein shake. I know I will probably never have a competition body again but just would like to be back in great shape for my age.

So we are almost to the weekend. Any special plans for you? Let me know.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab