January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009
My Last Day in LA LA Land

Today was my last day in Los Angeles before flying back home to Jacksonville, Florida. Gary and I got up early since I was hoping to interview the general manager, John Douponce, but was unable to meet with him due to him being ill. So I will try to set up an email or telephone interview with him later.

As I mentioned yesterday, Gary and I made two new friends named Whitney and Cindi from Texas. The four of us instantly hit it off and had a great time getting to know each other. So this morning, we all decided to take off and have breakfast before they headed to Malibu before their flight this evening.

Gary and I had already packed so after we got back from breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Whitney and Cindi. Then it was time to get our bags and get downstairs to wait on our ride to the airport. It was great seeing one of the employees, Keri, one last time as we were leaving. She used to live in Jacksonville and worked for the Ponte Vedra Club.

Why is it when you are waiting to get somewhere on vacation, it seems to take so much longer than when you are leaving? Anticipation, I guess.

First we had to get through the Delta and national security screening at LAX where they searched Gary's bag because of his camera batteries. Then we walked the rest of the way to our gate. We stopped and got a snack at McDonald's to hold us over on the flight. Then it was time to board and head back to reality and every day life.

We had a 45 minutes layover in Atlanta which gave us just enough time to make it from our arriving gate to our departing gate for Jacksonville. It was a very quick 40 minute ride home and we ended up being 20 minutes early but getting our checked bags took forever.

Luckily, there were cabs outside the luggage claim even though it was after midnight. I was hoping we would not have to wait for one since we were both exhausted.

We finally arrived home around 1am and our four legged kids went nuts after barely seeing us in a week. Although it was great getting away with Gary and just spending time enjoying each other's company having a great romantic three days, I was glad to be home to our home and my own bed.

So ends our trip to Los Angeles and it was one I will never forget. Moments like that are what I will cherish when I am very old.

How about you? How is your week going so far? I hope you are having a great one like I have been.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab