January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013
10 Flat Belly Food Rules

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Monday and I hope you had a beary safe and great weekend. It was another busy weekend for Dab the AIDS Bear and me.

A large number of people make resolutions for the new year. This year, my resolution was to get back in shape and I have been working out since November. I had to take a break from the gym for over nine months after my partner was having health problems for several months.

The hardest part for me has been getting my six pack back. While the rest of my body has been responding great to working out again, I am having trouble getting the extra inch or two off my waist. So after doing some research recently I thought I would share how you too can get that six pack look if you're willing to put in the time and work.

But there is good news. In addition to ab workouts, the latest research is full of new culinary strategies for shrinking your stomach. Take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to achieve a flat stomach following food advice provided by the experts.

1. Will eating smaller meals curb my hunger?
Contrary to what you've heard, the five-small-meals-a-day mantra doesn't work for everyone. The new thinking? You'll eat healthiest if you eat your way--meaning, if you prefer substantial meals fewer times a day, there's no reason to force yourself to do the opposite.

2. How do I know which fats are OK to eat?
It's been scientifically proven: Eating fat helps you become slim. In fact, the Institute of Medicine recommends that fatty foods make up 20 to 35 percent of your total calories. However, you have to include the right fats--primarily monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) like nuts, avocados and healthy oils.

3. Is counting calories the only way to guarantee a flat stomach?
What matters most for shedding belly fat boils down to calories in versus calories out. However, if worrying about Every. Single. Calorie. is stressing you out, put away the calculator. Instead, fill your plate with whole, energy-dense foods, such as lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

4. Aren't protein shakes just for bodybuilders?
Don't be fooled by labels. Anyone, jock or not, can benefit from the belly-flattening power of protein powder. Opt for whey protein over soy: According to a study in The Journal of Nutrition, participants whose diets included whey protein for 23 weeks had less body fat and a smaller waist than those who consumed soy protein.

Tomorrow I will continue to blog about more helpful hints. Hope you have a beary safe and great start to your week.

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab