July 10, 2008

July 10, 2008
Hey there. It's great to have you visit my life again. Although lately my life has not been much fun.

I am still having problem indirectly related to my recent mini-stroke. The headaches and nausea are still disabling so I have been sticking very close to the house except for doctor appointments. Well today I had another doctor's appointment with Dr. Portalatin. As you might remember I have been seeing Dr. Portalatin for the past 18 years except for the three years that I was living back in California. Patrick was going to take me to the doctor but due to family schedule problems was unable to do so. So I ended up calling for a cab to take me and bring me back home. The female taxi driver who drove me to the doctor was a pistol. She was obviously not college educated and some of the statements she made astounded me with her ignorance. So needless to say, I was glad when we finally arrived at the doctor's office.

Dr. Portalatin is very worried about my weight loss which has continued. So he has scheduled several tests for me to undergo in the next couple of weeks. I just have to wait and see when they can be scheduled. I also had a long conversation with his nurse who has a cousin that is HIV+ like me. She has been his nurse for probably ten or twelve years now and is a very sweet woman. The main difference between my doctor, his nurse and I are they are Republican and staunchly so. I am just as staunchly a Democrat so we have learned over the years not to discuss politics because we will rarely if ever agree on the issues.

Then it was time for my ride home. This taxi cab had no air conditioning which shouldn't even be allowed in the south. It was boiling inside the cab and I was soaking in sweat by the time we got back to my house. On the way, I got the cabbie to stop at AIDS Healthcare Foundation so I could drop off my new prescriptions since I need them delivered tomorrow before I run out of some of my medications. I also noticed a steep increase in the cab fares in the past couple of months since gasoline has been shooting up in price. Normally a cab ride to my doctor's office would run twenty bucks with a tip. Today the fare was twenty eight dollars each way. I could have rented a car for the day at that cost which I will probably do from now on.

On the health care front, our government officials are getting ready to vote on the changes to Medicare. For all of us, this is a very important issue that will affect health care for all who depend on Medicare. Now the president has said he will veto the measure if he doesn't agree with it. Through my work with Divided We Fail and AARP, I am hoping we will have enough votes to override any chance of a presidential veto. Currently, it appears that way but we will know more after today. I am hoping it will be covered in the news tomorrow evening.

I spent the rest of the day napping with my pets until Gary got home. My stomach was hurting again so I ended up eating grits and toast for bread. I wanted something that hopefully would not upset my stomach any worse than it already was upset. Gary ended up running out to get a hamburger since he didn't want to cook just for himself. He has been very understanding and caring since my mini-stroke and I am eternally grateful for his love and support. There are some days that it would be very hard to make it without him right now.

We ended up watching So You Think You Can Dance for this week's results. Each week the American public and the judges vote off one male and one female dancer. The public vote by calling the contestant's telephone number at the end of each Wednesday night's performance with the lowest three couples having to "dance for their life" in a solo routine. I must admit the two who were voted off tonight I totally expected to be leaving. My favorite, Courtney, is still safe but I really don't expect her to win although she is a great dancer. There just happen to be other's this year that are better.

I am headed off to bed now for hopefully a good night's sleep. I hope you are having a great week and enjoying your life. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab