July 1, 2008

July 1, 2008
Welcome to my first entry for July 2008. It is always great having you join me. Is it me, or wasn't it just March? Can you believe we are already half way through the year? Seems the older I get the faster time seems to fly by with me wanting to slow it down.

I started off my day very early due to my neuropathy in my legs and arms. I woke up around 5am in pain and decided to go ahead and go out in the living room with the pets. Sugar is still depressed because Gary is still in South Carolina visiting his mother. But Sugar will be surprised and running all around the house when he gets home this evening. I repeated to her over and over that Gary would be returning home today. Now personally I doubt my dogs can understand much more than their name or the nine or ten commands I have been able to teach them.

The stock market was very volatile today. The morning futures for the DOW were a negative 100 and ended up the day slightly positive. The price of crude oil varied throughout the day ending up slightly higher. What still amazes me is how they continually try to minimize the problems with the economy while trying to encourage further trading to keep profits up. There is also new concern that Israel and Iran will be going into war with each other and how the conflict could cause oil prices to soar again possibly up to $160 a barrel by the end of summer. Something a lot of people do not realize is crude oil is traded as a futures commodity. What this means is the crude oil you are paying for today will be delivered in two months or now September. So we won't see the increases in price of the crude oil being passed on to the consumer until then. They are also stating the price of natural gas and heating oil have more than doubled. The utility companies will have to pass on the increase in cost to the consumers this winter which could double heating costs. Sounds like it could be a hard candy Christmas for a lot of people. Both the financials and the housing market are two of the sectors dragging down the stock market besides the fears of crude oil price increases.

It was storming from the very start of the morning. In fact, I think the storm is As soon as I woke up I realized it was still storming which means my two female dogs will not want to go outside and take care of their business. The weather finally cleared up around 3pm this afternoon. Now my little boy, Chipper, is so old he doesn't care. When you got to go. You got to go! LOL. Chipper is going on 15 years old now so I am just glad he is doing as well as he is doing. To think animal control was going to put him to sleep just because his owner died. According to them, it is too hard to adopt out old or blind animals. It tears me apart that our county destroys over 100,000 dogs and cats a year. So please remember to spay or neuter your pet.

As I have told you, I was recently given an Olympus Evolt 410 camera to help pursue my main hobby which is photography. Now many of you know that I modeled for almost twenty years when I was younger and I wish I had paid more attention to the work going on behind the camera. The ways you can use color, lighting and composition to affect the quality of your photos are the subject matters I am currently concentrating on learning. I also recently purchased a new photo developing software that I am very excited about receiving soon. I had been using the free web version of Picasa to process my pictures but Picasa does not have several features that I am looking to use on my photographs including layering and transparencies. So look for the photos on the website to get even better. Let me know what you think.

After taking a couple of hour nap this afternoon, I got up around 5pm. I wanted to straighten up and get a shower before Gary got home this evening. So after making some quick dinner of leftover stew and vegetables, I cleaned the kitchen and straightened up the bedroom and living room. I know how much I hate coming home to a dirty place so I wanted it to look at least decent for his return. I spoke to Gary for a few minutes when he called right before getting on the bus for the trip home. He was upset because the bus was running late and he is excited about getting home. Turns out he misses his old man when he is gone. Who knew? LOL. Gary will be tired enough after his long bus trip back from South Carolina so I made sure he would have something to eat when he gets home. I doubt those bus stations have anything available that is decent to eat.

I spoke with my friend Laura around 7pm to she how she has been doing. Laura has fibromyalgia and has a horrible time with the pain. She has the fibroid tumors in her breasts and lymph system and has been struggling with the illness for almost twenty years. I will give it to Laura because she tries to joke about it. She says at her age at least the tumors make her breasts perky like a twenty year old which at fifty is a great thing and saves her the money of breast augmentation. In fact, the fibromyalgia is a very painful disease where the tumors can turn cancerous if not detected so she has to go for checkups every six months. It was great talking with Laura since it had been over a month since the last time we had spoken.

Gary got home around 9:30pm to great fanfare. Sugar, his dog, was spastic with joy and happiness for almost an hour. She almost knocked Gary down after he walked through the door and he just had to sit there while Sugar got her attention. She followed him around the house for the rest of the evening I guess to make sure he didn't leave again. It was so cute and it is great to see Sugar isn't depressed since he has returned home. Just proves the love between a dog and their owner. Gary was starving so I made him some Cheese stuffed pasta shells for dinner. I didn't want to make anything to heavy since he had to get to bed soon.Gary has to get back to work in the morning after he goes to see his shrink for his prescriptions. Gary has to take daily medications for his bi-polar condition.

So now we are off to bed for a good night's sleep. While I didn't miss Gary's snoring. I did miss having him next to me at night. I hope you had a great day also.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab