July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

Germiest Things in Hotel Rooms

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Saturday and I hope you had a safe and great week. It has been a very busy and hectic week for Dab the AIDS Bear and me. The bear is in Washington DC for the International AIDS Conference for the next week.

Because Dab the AIDS Bear does so many events that means a lot of travel. One thing people do not think about is the germs when they are traveling. There are germs on airplanes, hotel rooms and every place you go. But do you know where the germs are worse in your hotel room?

Want to avoid germs during your next hotel stay? Wipe down that TV remote and the switch on your bedside lamp before you touch them.

While you might expect the toilet and the sink to have high levels of bacteria, researchers found more surprising items with high contamination levels, such as the remote and the switch on the bedside lamp ó items you frequently touch first.

As for the germs in the rest of the room, researchers found that itís the person assigned to cleaning your hotel room who may be spreading the bacteria.

The highest levels of contamination were found on the maidís cleaning cart, specifically on the mop and sponge. That means that bacteria are being carried from room to room, she wrote.

While hotel rooms donít have to be surgically sterile, researchers say there is certainly room for improvement: Bacteria levels in hotel rooms were between two to 10 times higher than the level accepted in hospitals, the study found.

The lowest levels of bacteria were found on the headboard, curtain rods and bathroom door handle.

This doesnít mean that the bacteria in your hotel room is going to make you sick, but it does raise the odds of it happening.

The one drawback is that this study was fairly small ó only nine hotel rooms were tested in three states: Texas, Indiana and South Carolina.

So I hope your next hotel stay is a healthy one and don't forget to wipe down the remote control.

Hope you have a safe and great Saturday!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab