July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008
It's another wonderful day in my life. It is great to have you join me. So how has your day been going?

It was nice waking up having Gary next to me again since he just got back from his trip to South Carolina. It was extra nice since for whatever reason he did not snore last night which is almost a miracle in my world. We ended up stirring around 6am this morning after hearing my little four legged boy, Chipper, barking to be taken outside. After a little snuggling, Gary had to be up for a doctor's appointment in San Marco anyway. After taking Chipper outside and feeding him, I made my morning protein shake. Nothing like my morning chocolate shake to start the day off right and stop my stomach from growling. Then I helped Gary get through his morning rituals.

After Gary left for the doctor, I worked on this website updating some of the sections for a couple of hours while watching CNBC for the latest financial and stock market news. Then I got startled as the front door opened since I didn't realize how much time had passed. Gary had returned and was getting ready to go get his prescriptions filled at BCCC. Now for those of us who have never used public transportation in Jacksonville, it is far from the best system of the cities in which I have lived. A trip to BCCC can take up to four hours including travel time unless you hit the buses just right.

I started getting a bad headache again so I decided to take a nap for a couple of hours. I remember having some vivid dreams about a couple of friends I have not seen in person in years so I found that strange. It makes me wonder what triggered having those individuals in my dreams. Just before Gary got home from BCCC I had to get up to answer the door because Gary had received a package that had to be signed for release. Know I must say our UPS man is very handsome and luckily also very nice. He always has a smile and a cheerful word. As I was walking Chipper back upstairs, Gary came through the gate and startled me because I wasn't expecting him yet. Unfortunately, my headache had not gone away yet so I let Gary know to keep the volume down.

I spoke with my friend, Brittan, this afternoon. She wanted to know if I was going to be in town for the 4th of July and over the weekend. I told her we are staying in town this year since I am taking the weekend off from any of my DWF or Washington DC trips. Gary is out of vacation time since having to use the last of it to go visit his mother in the hospital. So Brittan might come over for a visit in the next few days since I told her we were staying close to home for the 4th. We might end up walking down to the park on the river and watching the fireworks. Our neighborhood is so close to downtown we can watch the fireworks from our park on the St. John's River which we have done for the last two years. It is so much easier than fighting the traffic and the crowds down at the Landing. The Landing is mainly a tourist trap with a few restaurants and low end shops and has gone downhill since it was built in the late 80s. The Landing's owners are hoping all the new business and residential development downtown is going to help business down there which is possible. They just need to get better vendors and restaurants in the locations back to the quality of when it first opened.

It was a horrible day on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). All three markets were down and crude oil prices have hit another all time high. We all know what that means for gasoline prices two months from now since crude oil is traded as a future. The DOW was down 166.75 to 11215.51. Nasdaq was down 53.51 to 2251.46. S&P500 was down 23.39 to 1261.52. The price of crude oil rose $3.21 per barrel to a new high of $144.18. Yet the investment bankers are still trying to talk people into reentering the stock market before we hit a bottom. Perhaps it could be that these individuals are trying to save their own portfolios? I just can't see investing right now unless you are looking very long term and can take the short term loss. But I would still be waiting for some better sign of a bottom, increase in consumer confidence and improvement in our economy. Right now, I think it will take one to two years at least for those factors to all come into fruition. In the mean time, consumers will be dealing with skyrocketing gasoline, heating oil, groceries and medical costs. According the reports, even the supper rich are looking at their spending as costs increase.

This afternoon, I received an update about my friend, Vicki, that I spoke about in my blog a couple of days ago. Vicki was recently in a very bad motorcycle accident that killed her new husband and seriously injured her. Vicki is still in the Intensive Care Unit and they are still not sure if she is going to make it or not. The doctors are saying the next twenty four to forty eight hours are crucial. So please remember to keep Vicki in your thoughts and prayers. She is a wonderful woman with a huge heart who has come to the rescue of many people in my HIV/AIDS community. Why is it bad things happen to good people?

Tonight for dinner, I grilled us a couple of top sirloin steaks and served them with garlic cheese mashed potatoes and French style green beans which are Gary's favorite. Everything turned out great although the steaks could have grilled for a couple of more minutes. Then we had some delicious strawberry shortcake topped with fresh whipped creams I had made for dessert as a special treat. For entertainment, we decided to watch So You Think You Can Dance. I have to give it to those young men and women. There are so many new dance styles since I was a dance in the 70s and 80s. This week they had to learn to new choreographed numbers in one week. They are only given about five hours to learn each routine. Even though we are still at the start of the season, I already have a couple of favorites. So I will see how they do as the season progresses. It should be a close race between three or four of them.

So all in all it was a good day for me and my family. I hope you had a great day also. Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab