July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008
Hey there and thanks for joining me today! I don't know about you but today was a very stressful day for me.

Well as usual I ended up not getting to sleep until Gary got out of bed at 6am. I tried to sleep next to him a couple of times but his snoring is like trying to sleep next to a jet with the engines running. So I ended up getting out of bed around 1pm. I woke up with a killer headache and was hoping I could just spend the day working with my photography on a new software package I recently purchased through Amazon.com called Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

I decided on purchasing the Adobe program after reading several reviews on photo processing software. Well I am not impressed. Number one is the fact the program disc did not correctly install the program. Then I had to try and uninstall the program. Well it appeared the uninstall had run correctly but when I tried to reinstall the software it gave me an error message. The error message said the program was already installed on this computer. But when I click on the icon for Photoshop I get an error message that their is no .exe (executable) file. So then I tried to repair the software using the supplied disk to no avail. I still get the same error message when I try to access the program. So I called Amazon.com to complain about the disc and their solution is sending me a new disc and my mailing the defective copy back to them which will take a couple of weeks for both to occur.

So I decided to call Adobe and complain about the program software I had purchased. I was told by their representative that the serial key on the package is not a valid serial key for the product through their company. the customer service representative did everything but say Amazon is selling fraudulent merchandise. So now I have to fax a copy of my receipt from Amazon.com and a picture of the back of the software case showing the serial number. If I had known this was going to be such a pain I would never had purchased the software. I ended up calling Amazon.com back and letting them know what the customer service representative from Adobe had said about the serial number so they can investigate and see if their supplier is giving them fraud merchandise.

Now on to another complaint I have about Amazon.com. I looked for over fifteen minutes trying to find their customer service number on my receipt, verification emails or website and could not find their number anywhere. I ended up having to google their customer service number to try and get some help. Nothing makes me madder than having to spend hours trying to get a retail companies telephone number and then trying to get a live person on the line to help me. I absolutely hate these automated phone systems and want to talk to a live rep. I don't think talking to a live person is an unrealistic expectation. But with a lot of companies today they make you feel like nothing but an order number. Just one of the reasons a company will lose my business. So I will have to wait and see how all this turns out. I am hoping I will not have to totally redo my hard drive and Adobe or Amazon call actually provide good customer service and help.

So after spending almost two hours on the phone, my headache was pounding like a wrecking ball in my head. I am sure my blood pressure was probably through the roof also. By the time Gary got home from work I was in a horrible mood and not very much fun to be around. Gary ended up making some cheese ravioli and french bread for dinner. I really wasn't hungry because of the headache but knew I needed to get some calories in me due to my weight loss. Gary ended up going to bed fairly early since there was nothing decent on television and he was tired from his day at work. I am sure he wasn't delighted about coming home to me being in a bad mood and with a splitting headache either.

But I guess things can always be worse. Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on TV's The Golden Girls, has died. She was 84. Getty, who suffered from advanced dementia, died at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday at her Hollywood Boulevard home. Audiences particularly loved the verbal zingers Getty would hurl at the other three. In addition to her son Carl, Getty is survived by son Barry Gettleman, of Miami; a brother, David Scher of London; and a sister, Rosilyn Howard of Las Vegas. I personally loved watching the Golden Girls and her character Sophia was my favorite on the show. Sophia reminded me so much of my own mother who passed away five years ago.

I also need to update the information about Dolly. Rain started to fall along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Dolly upgraded in force from a tropical storm closed in on towns straddling the Texas-Mexico border. The Category 1 hurricane was expected to strengthen slightly before making landfall Wednesday and bringing with it up to 15 inches of rain. Dolly was upgraded from a tropical storm Tuesday afternoon, and sustained winds later reached about 80 mph. At 2 a.m. EDT Wednesday, the storm's center was about 85 miles east-southeast of Brownsville, moving northwest at about 9 mph. A hurricane warning was in effect for the coast of Texas from Brownsville to Corpus Christi and in Mexico from Rio San Fernando northward. Cities and counties in the heavily populated Rio Grande Valley were preparing Tuesday night as officials feared heavy rains could cause massive flooding and levee breaks. So let's remember to keep these people in the affected areas in our thoughts and prayers.

That's about all for me today. What about you? Drop me a line and let me know how things are going for your week.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab