July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015

9 Things Happy People DON'T Do

Welcome to another day in my life. Today is Tuesday and I hope you are having a beary safe and great week so far. Dab the AIDS Bear and I are resting up before seeing the doctor again tomorrow about the health problems we have been dealing with for the past few weeks.

What we decide to do and the decisions we make in life have a lot to do with whether we are happy or not. We spend a lot of time dissecting the habits and mindsets of happy people, but less time outlining the behaviors to avoid. With that in mind, here are nine things that the happiest people in the world just flat out don't do. It's great when the answer to being happy is doing less.

1. They donít criticize.

Happy people donít criticize others for their actions, unless that criticism is imperative to the personís well-being. And then, they do it lovingly and thoughtfully criticizing others in an attempt to tear them down is usually a sign of your own insecurities. Happy people care for others, and have no interest in hurting them.

2. They donít compare.

Happy people are satisfied with their own life choices. They are thankful for what they have, and donít compare their lifestyle with others.

3. They donít complain.

Complaining is a symptom of focusing on what you donít have, rather than what you do. You can never get everything you wish for. Happy people know complaining is never a solution.

4. They donít live in the past.

Living in the past usually means dwelling on past regrets. Unless itís informing future choices, itís a waste of time. Be positive and work hard to create a better future now. Let go of what has already happened. It doesnít serve you.

5. They donít waste time.

Happy people know the importance of staying present, and make the most of every moment.

6. They donít try to change others.

Happy people accept their friends and acquaintances for who they are and where they are, without dissatisfaction or frustration. They appreciate the positive.

7. They donít forget to prioritize personal growth.

They focus on their purpose, their dreams, their daily habits, and their health. By remaining focused, they are able to achieve their goals in life.

8. They donít worry about peopleís judgment.

Happy people really donít care much what other people think of them. They do what they want and need to do for their own, well-considered reasons, and the approval or disapproval of others doesnít sway them at all.

9. They donít overthink.

Happy people recognize that thought spirals are often the root cause of depression, anxiety and stress, and nip them in the bud.

Hope these tips help you have a happier life and a beary safe and great Tuesday!

Until we meet again; here's wishing you health, hope, happiness and just enough.

big bear hug,

Daddy Dab