July 6, 2008

July 6, 2008
Welcome back to my life. Today is Sunday and it was a beautiful day outside. Hot and humid as we expect here in Florida during the summer but still a great day. I hope you are having a great Sunday also.

As I told you yesterday, my close friend passed away the evening of July the 4th. So Patrick and I have been on the phone several times a day while he is dealing with Dale's family. Patrick is not only having to deal with Dale's death himself but also having to now deal with Dale's family. Patrick said he still expects to hear Dale's voice calling out for something or asking what is for dinner. I could tell by his speech and voice that he is still in shock and dealing with Dale dying. They had been very close for years and living together for almost three years now. Dale literally counted on Patrick for almost everything for the past two years. But as I was talking earlier, now Patrick is having to deal with his family.

Turns out there was a lot of things the family did not know about Dale that they are now finding out. Needless to say we all have our faults and make our own decisions on how we want to live our life and the morals we set for our life and everyone sets these according to their walk and experiences in life. Dale's family is very rural and extreme fanatics so they are having a hard time dealing with some parts of their brother's life. But he was who he was which was a very loving, caring person who just happened to be gay and have a few faults like we all do. Now they are giving Patrick a hard time about the funeral costs even though they wanted to be in charge and have their name on the power of attorney. Now they realize that Dale did not own the home he was living in and did not have a lot of money; all the sudden they do not want to be responsible for the burial costs. It definitely angers me with the way I have seen many families act when a gay person dies. They swoop in trying to claim anything of value sometimes after not having contact with the person for decades just because they can legally. That is why I warn gay and lesbian couples to have the necessary legal paperwork in order to protect themselves since in most states we are not allowed to legally marry.

I started my day off around 10:30am after having Kitty sit on my stomach and meowing wanting her brunch. Nothing like waking up to kitty kisses and be pawed when you are sound asleep. The bad part of my morning is I seem to have the most severe of my headaches first thing in the morning. Sometimes it feel so bad that I feel like my head is going to split open. When I first started having the headaches a couple of years ago I thought they might be migraine headaches. But after my first mini=stroke, I found out they are caused by a blockage leading to the brain. After consulting a couple of doctors, they felt it was too intrusive and dangerous considering my immune system and the chances of infection afterwards. Not to mention how much I hate being in hospitals. So for now, I am trying to deal with the headaches without surgery.

So after I staggered out of bed and fed Kitty; it was time to get my morning protein shake. In case I forgot to mention it; I recently bought a new blender over the internet from Overstock.com. Four of my favorite shopping website are: overstock.com, smartbargains.com, amazon.com and ebay.com. I found a great 600 watt blender with six steel blades and a glass jar that had great customer reviews. Since I use my blender roughly three times every day, I need one that will crush ice extremely well and which will also last for awhile. I have used in several times now with great results so I am very happy with the purchase. I have also ordered a new toaster since Gary destroyed the old one by trying to heat frozen garlic cheese bread in it. Now every time you turn the old toaster on it starts smoking and smelling. I am hoping to get my new toaster delivered some time this next week.

Gary was wanting a down day today since he is working every day since he got back from visiting his mother in the hospital in South Carolina. So we ended up staying around the house for most of the day. We did go for a walk to the river and to get some ice cream around 3pm since we could tell it would be raining later. Shortly after we returned home it started storming. It was a bigger light show in the sky which was longer and brighter than the fireworks on the 4th of July. My poor dog, Harley, can not get a break this week between the fireworks and the thunderstorms.

Tonight I ordered pizza from Dominos for dinner. They had a new special called the Gotham pizza which is named for the new Batman movie called Dark Knight. The pizza comes loaded from tip to tip with pepperoni. When the poor pizza delivery boy showed up he could not get anything right. His pens didn't work, he didn't know how to get an impression of my credit card and the poor kid acted like he was going to cry. Now I have rarely met anyone that would have a hard time doing delivery work but this kid needs to find something more his speed like a greeter at WalMart. At least the pizza turned out pretty good although it was loaded with grease from the pepperoni. Gary and I ended up watching comics on comedy central and now we are getting ready to head off to bed.

Hope you had a great Sunday also. Remember to tell those close to you how much you love and appreciate them. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab