June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008
It is great to have you join me again. I hope you are having a great day.

I actually woke up at a decent time today with no prompting. It was around 10am when I rolled out of bed and got my day started. As usual the first thing I did was make a protein shake and take my pain medication. Then I rested on the couch with the pets surrounding me while the pain subsided. The pets love it when I curl up on the couch with them first thing in the morning. It started off as a gorgeous day with partly cloudy skies and a ton of sunshine. It is almost summer so it is always hot and usually humid here in north Florida. It just depends on the day how hot and humid it will be. But all of that changed later in the afternoon.

I spoke with Alice today about their upcoming trip to the HIV convention in Orlando. I needed to send her some of our HIV awareness pins and project business cards since I will be unable to attend the convention myself. Several of the women from THE ROSE will be going and have offered to help get donations for the pins to help support the monthly costs of our website. Right now most of the costs of the project come out of my own funds so any help is a great relief. While Alice and I were talking she let me know a mutual friend of ours had passed away after being in a coma in the hospital for two months. His body has finally given out after years of having full blown AIDS, diabetes and kidney failure. I explained I had been contact yesterday by Heather and she had let me know. Alice was upset because the person had stopped taking their HIV medications without telling anyone and she could not understand why someone would do that.

I had to explain sometimes people just give up and are ready to go on to what is after this life. If a person has fought all they can fight and then decide they are ready to go then it is their time and their decision. It is hardest for those of us who are left behind. We are the ones in pain. The person who has already passed has ended the pain of this lifetime and moved on to what is next for them. Alice said she understood but it is still hard for her. I guess having held over 1000 people as they have died from AIDS; I can understand it a little more. Especially since most of those people died before the new medications were available in 1996 and they knew there was no real hope in getting better. I know there were times before the new medications where I did not know how long I would have to live and when I might have to make that very decision. I knew I did not want to waste away in a hospital bed like so many friends did in the early days. But most people alive today do not remember the early days of this epidemic. To this day it is not easy for me to talk about those times because of the pain associated with them.

So after I finished the call with Alice, I called Beth to let her know I would be unable to attend the World AIDS Week committee meeting today and ask her to take the stuff to Alice for me. Beth said she would stop by on her way to the meeting from the office. When Beth stopped by I got to see her and her new car. She had to trade in her old red Sebring convertible for a new used blue one since the old one was quickly dying after her having it for ten years. she takes great care of her cars so they always look great. It was beautiful and I was very envious. She looked great in it also. Beth had to leave so she wouldn't be late for the meeting so we had to end our visit after only a few minutes. It is always great to see her.

Around 4pm, the weather quickly changed with another violent thunderstorm moving into our area. We had a ton of lightning and violent winds which almost tore of the wood gate at the entrance of our courtyard. It seems like we are getting this kind of weather almost daily now but at least we are not having the flooding the midwest is having. I feel so sorry for those people having had a house I lived in years ago flood. Even if you have insurance, you end up losing precious memories you can replace. The coverage of the flooding on the news is showing the extent of the flooding in the different areas.

Gary called me today and said he wasn't sure where his wedding band is and wanted to know if I had seen it. I tried my best not to sound upset since it is just a thing and not as important as a person. But I hope he finds it. I just bought it for him a year and a half ago. It has 5 diamonds equaling a carat in a two toned gold band and while it didn't cost a fortune I hope he didn't lose it. Gary ended up coming home from work around 5pm to avoid the worst part of the storm which got here around 6pm. He looked all over the house for his wedding ring but unfortunately so far has not been able to find it. I could tell he was stressed out about it so I didn't want to say anything that would make him feel worse. Getting mad about it would not help anything.

Neither of us felt like cooking so I heated up the leftover broccoli quiche from the other night. It was storming horribly outside so I did not want to order delivery and make someone have to get out in the bad weather. Their job is thankless and hard enough without having to endure getting soak and wet doing it. The quiche even tasted better than the first time we had it. With the steep increases in grocery prices, I have become very aware about food waste. I know neither of us like leftovers much so unless I am making something we would eat more than once I try to correctly estimate portions and watch what we have in the refrigerator to make sure we use it before it spoils. No need in needlessly throwing money out the window. Cost of living is going up way too quick to be wasting money. In fact while listening to the news tonight, the newscaster stated a poll revealed fifty percent of Americans are cutting back on spending on extras like eating out at restaurants and luxuries to cover the increased costs of gasoline, utilities and groceries.

We were both exhausted after our days so Gary has already headed off to bed and I will be following shortly behind him after finishing this entry. I hope you had a great day. Take just a moment and think how you could make your day more special for yourself tomorrow. Then do it. You deserve it.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab