June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008
Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and checking out a day in my life. I hope yours went great today.

I started my day off at almost a normal time and rolled out of bed finally around 10am. I luckily had no meetings or appointments scheduled for today so I could take my time getting my day started. After getting up, I went to the couch in the living room after taking my morning medications and making a protein shake. It was my ritual morning time with my pets. I have three dogs and a cat I rescued from animal control but they are not allowed to sleep in the bedroom so they love their first thing in the morning attention. I have enough noise going on in the bedroom with Gary's snoring so anything else like the pets that would keep me awake are no longer allowed. For years I did allow my dogs to sleep at the foot of the bed but now I have three dogs and a cat there is not enough room in my queen size bed for the six of us to be comfortable.

I spoke with my friend Diane to see what is going on in her life. It had been a few days since we had spoken on the telephone. I had received an email today reminding me she was having some medical tests done tomorrow. She is having a nuclear stress test done to check out some problems with her heart. Diane is not athletic and also has been diabetic for decades so she is unable to run the treadmill for the test so they have to chemically raise her heart rate. Diane will be staying with her mom for a few days afterwards since she will be very sore and needing a lot of rest. Her mom loves her staying while she recovers since they enjoy each other's company and her mom loves Diane's cat. Diane has had several by pass surgeries and stints over the years. In the past couple of years, Diane had to have one of her older stints replaced due to it cracking and causing problems. The doctors are checking to see if something is wrong with one of the other older stints causing her current problems. Luckily she is not in constant pain but realized there was a problem so it could be taken care of before it becomes serious. So I will be keeping her in my thoughts. I will probably wait until Friday to call her again since she will need her rest tomorrow.

I also worked on this website adding a couple of third level sections in the HIV 101 and HIV Survival Guide sections. I try to keep up with all the latest information and update things as soon as I can so the website is usually always current. There were also some picture and graphic updates I needed to take care of since some of the old ones were no longer working. I have to check the website about once a month to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Since was my first website, I guess I treat it like my baby. With current technology including the internet, we have the capacity and capability to reach so many more people than we can in person. Nothing makes me happier than when I know I helped a person avoid becoming HIV positive and helping those who are already HIV positive.

The weather started out very nice this morning with still a slight coolness in the air. Then by noon, it was sunny, hot and steamy outside with partly cloudy skies. Just as it has done for the past few days, a storm front came through around 2pm with violent lightning and torrential downpour. Stockton Street even had water up to the curb because of how quickly it was coming down. They are saying it will be this way again tomorrow but better on Saturday. But we are extremely lucky compared to people in the midwest with their tornadoes and flooding.

Gary arrived home about an hour early from work. Luckily he missed a majority of the storm at work. Gary said as usual there is a ton of political stuff going on at work and he is doing his best just to do his job and stay out of all of it. He had been called into the office by his boss to let him know about changes being made to the business after a dispute between the office manager and their shipping department. The worst thing you can do is get caught up in all the office gossip and politics. I always tried to stay neutral and work my connections in a positive manner. I guess I figure if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So I would rather look at the positives in life and see the glass as half full. Who would think a long term survivor would have a positive outlook on life. But maybe that is one of the things that have helped me live all these years when others have died.

Gary ended up being on the telephone with his boss and a couple of his co-workers after getting home so it was almost 6pm before I could ask him what he wanted for dinner. Since it was too late to thaw anything out of the freezer, we ended up eating the last of the leftover Papa John's pizza from two nights ago. It was still too nasty outside to make a delivery person come out in it. I need to go to the grocery store before the weekend gets here. We need several of the things we normally like to eat. Later I was snacking on some madarin orange segments. I love to eat a ton of fruit and salads especially in the summer plus I need to stock up on pet food and treats again.

On television, tonight was the first regular show of So You Think You Can Dance. So You Think You Can Dance is a show about aspiring dancers competing to see who is the best. The audience calls in their votes after each episode and one dancer is voted off each week. One of the previous winner is this year's choreographer. The dancers started off with a great opening group number. I was really impressed with several of the dancers. I know many years ago when I was a dancer most of us were not as talented as a lot of the kids I saw on the show today. Plus there are new styles of dance we did not have twenty to thirty years ago like crumping and popping. But I guess we did have break dancing back them which was a style a couple of my friends were experts. The hostess, Cat, looked gorgeous in her dress which was a silver layered cocktail length number. It will be interesting to see who is the first to be voted off. I have no idea who it will be so I am sure we will be watching tomorrow evening.

I hope you had a great day. Mine went well considering I am still getting over the stomach flu I have had for a couple of weeks and are still recovering. We've made it to the middle of the work week and have the weekend in sight. I am headed off to bed now.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab