June 1, 2008

June 1, 2008
Welcome to my first blog of June.

Well we started the hurricane season here in Florida today. For the next six months, we will constantly be watching out for news of bad systems heading our way from the coast of Africa. The specialists are expecting several major hurricanes again this year and are predicting three or four could hit land in the United States. I guess because I was raised in Florida I long ago accepted the risk of hurricanes as a by-product of living here and having no snow.

I know every year, I get our disaster supplies together downstairs in the stairwell which is where we would evacuate to in the house in case of danger. There are no windows in that area and I could cover us with the queen size mattress and maybe plywood to the round stairwell opening. It is also easily accessed from all points inside the house with three exits. You should always have an emergency plan and supplies. I also need to update my possessions for my insurance agent. You should always give pictures and descriptions for your expensive house items such as all electronics, art work, furniture, jewelry and anything of significant value. I also know officials are worried because of the recession and fuel costs that people will be lax about being prepared for hurricane season this year which could easily lead to panic and deaths.

But enough talk of hurricanes, I don't want to jinx the season. Our day started out beautiful in Jacksonville and I slept away the first few hours of it since I got to bed late again. It was around noon when I struggled out of bed to start my day. I could tell I was overdue for my pain medication by the pain in my legs every time I took a step. So the first order of business was taking my medication and making a protein shake. Then I sat on the couch to let the cobwebs settle and human speech possible. LOL.

Gary had already finished the laundry and taken care of the weed whacking on the outside of our property between our security wall and the Stockton Street. He wanted to get the yard work done before the heat of the day which he really hates being from the North. Gary had also made a beautiful chocolate cake with creamy vanilla icing. Even though it looked great I passed because I am not a very big cake person. Instead I waited to have some of the fresh strawberries, whip cream, pound cake and yogurt I bought at Publix the other day to make dessert with tonight. I ended up working on this website for a couple of hours while Gary was playing with his new music software. He's working on remixing a new song now.

I talked to an old friend in New York City late this afternoon. Chris is doing great and enjoying his time in NYC before returning back to Washington, DC later this year. He is currently working with the State trying to get additional funding for Ryan White Care Act considered while also working on the renewal for Sept. 2009. Without Ryan White funding, many people with HIV and AIDS would die because they would not be able to afford the medications and treatment. We haven't seen each other in a couple of years but stay in touch by phone and email. Chris is a workaholic like a use to be.

The First Coast Chorus had their concert the past couple of evening and I heard from friends that the music and singing were great. Unfortunately due to my legs and back, I knew I wouldn't be able to sit through the performance without being a distraction. I hope to make their holiday concert which have always been my favorite. It will also be great to see Cheryl and my other friends in the chorus. Cheryl and Stephanie are currently adding a swimming pool to their house which is in the next neighborhood over just a couple of miles away. I have known both of them for almost 18 years and we have participated in many organizations together.

This evening, I decided to grill out some fillets on the grill while Gary made home made macaroni and cheese. We also had English peas and French bread for a truly continental meal. LOL Everything turned out delicious and we watched CNN while eating at the couch. About thirty minutes after dinner I had my strawberry shortcake that I was speaking about earlier. Then shortly after dinner, a bad storm front starting rolling in from the west with winds blowing away between 20 - 60 mph. Then the thunder and lightning started which my dog Harley hates. She has been scared of both since she was a puppy. I ended up unplugging all of the electronics since the lightning was getting so violent with the sky constantly lit up around us. After a little over an hour, the storm finally passed leaving the smell of rain behind as a reminder. Neither Harley or Sugar will go outside when it is storming like that.

We spent the rest of the evening on the couch mainly watching comedy as a mind numbing experience before bed time. All six of us claiming out spot on the couch. So for us it ended up being a very low key weekend, but after Gary's hectic weeks at work it seems to be what he enjoys doing most.

Hope you had a safe and great weekend also. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab