June 13, 2008

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Thank God It is Friday!

It has been a long week for me trying to get over the stomach flu so hopefully your week has been going better than mine. But things can always be worse so I should count my blessings. After all today is Friday the 13th. But I am not superstitious so it is just another day to me.

I started off my day early today since I had a doctor appointment and needed to get my monthly medications filled at the pharmacy. Luckily both are in one building and not far from the house so I rode my bike over for my appointments. There is a new woman working the front desk and I can not remember her name but she seemed very friendly. So after I turned in my prescriptions, it was time to see Dr. Katella who is my Infectious Disease (HIV/AIDS) doctor. He has been my doctor since Dr. Issa moved up north several months ago. I decided to go with Katella since he was in the same location and think we can work together on my health care. He wasn't happy about my latest weight loss and I explained since I haven't been able to work out since tearing the tendons in my right arm, I am lost about 20 pounds of muscle and that I am hoping to be cleared by my other doctor to start working out again very soon. My Tcell counts and viral load were about the same at 320 and undetectable respectively which I am happy with hearing. Of course I would love to have my tcells in the 700 or 800s but since I was diagnosed as full blown AIDS over 12 years ago, the highest I have been able to get them is 400. At least 300 is over the danger zone of 200 tcells. When your tcells go below 200 is when you are given the status of full blown aids and opportunistic infections could easily kills someone with that compromised of an immune system. I have been below 200 tcells before and clearly remember how horrible it was and have no desire to get there again any time soon so I make sure I take every single dose of my medications on time.

Then I went to the pharmacy window and had to speak with my friend who is the manager about the proposed changes in Ryan White Care Act funding. I explained what was going to change and while I felt it was a horrible decision. People with HIV and AIDS are having to deal with all the explosive costs of gas, food and utilities and now the powers that be have decided they can only get $1500 in medication copays per year if they are on Ryan White and have private insurance. Now people without insurance can run up $3000 - $5000 a month in bills but people with insurance are being discriminated against. He said he understood but unfortunately they have no control over the issue which I already knew and just wanted to keep him informed on what is headed their way. Just one more thing for people with HIV/AIDS to have to struggle while trying to get through life like everyone else.

After they filled my medications, it was time to head home as the skies were already starting to get slightly dark and I knew we were expecting rain within the hour. I also wanted to get the dogs outside at least once before the rain started since it is suppose to last all afternoon again. Hopefully the winds, lightning and thunder will not be as bad as they have been the last few days. Harley and Chipper were ready to go out but as usual Sugar needed her special attention to get her cooperation. I also trimmed some of the bushes while I was waiting on Chipper to finish. I also grabbed our mail out of the mailbox on the way in and saw my new filters for my camera came in the mail. I was amazed they came so quickly since I just won them on Ebay a few days ago. Now I just need to decided on the other purchases for my camera equipment to finish my new setup. Luckily the lens are on sale right now through Olympus.

Gary got home around his normal time and decided he did not want any dinner since he had a large late lunch. He is also watching his weight some since he recently put on a few pounds. So I ended up just snacking and having another protein shake for my meal. I do not like cooking just for one especially since neither of us like most leftovers. We then watched the Daily Show With John Stewart and the Colbert Report. Both of us were tired and really did not want to watch anything we really had to concentrate on while watching.

I am going to call it an early night before of my early start today. I hope you had a great week and your weekend is off to a safe and great start. Do something different this weekend and make a special memory for yourself.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab