June 14, 2008

June 14, 2008
How's it going? I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I know most of my friends are off on the weekend but some do have to work.

I was up and down most of the night again. Gary came to bed around 2am and woke me up. My back was really bothering me so I did not get to sleep again until I took a nap at 8am. I knew we were suppose to shopping for scooters later and wanted to get some rest before hand. At my age I need all the beauty rest I can get! LOL But seriously, trying to shop on little to no sleep is no fun at all especially at a crowded dealership.

Gary's morning got off to a bad start. When he got up this morning and went outside to enjoy his coffee and cigarettes, there were two drunks across the street next to the convenience store. One thing about Gary as I have told you before; he is definitely not a morning person so he was ready to call the police about the two drunks because we couldn't definitely hear all their screaming and carrying on inside our house. Now the convenience store does not open until 8am on Saturday and this was a 6:30am which is way to early to be making that much noise near people's houses. I found it hard to believe two people were getting drunk especially at 6:30 in the morning. Talk about being an alcoholic. Couldn't they wait until at least noon after their breakfast has digested. But then again, the liquor probably was their breakfast and these were not young men. How sad. So then I went to take my nap for a couple of hours.

When I got up, Gary had already been working around the house doing some light cleaning and starting the laundry for us. We also need to wash the dogs this weekend but it will be tomorrow before we get that done since the weather will hopefully be nicer tomorrow. They definitely need their bath soon since it has been over two weeks. I also need to give them their flea treatment since they are due again. Last thing I want is fleas coming into the house.

Gary's friend and co-worker, Rene, called around 10am to see if we would like to go do anything today since she was getting off work around noon. Since we did not have anything else planned for today, we told her to come over after work. After sitting around talking for a little bit, we all decided to check out a couple of the local flea markets. We ended up going to the Pecan Park and Ramona flea markets. I thought we would see several spots selling mopeds and scooters between the two flea markets but there ended up being only two. The flea market on Ramona actually had a couple of nice ones between $1000 and $1600 but the salesperson who looked like he was a young kid never did come over to help us. Gary needs to look at a few more models and locations while he saves a little more money before getting one yet. I was amazed how dead it was at both of the flea markets since they are usually packed on the weekend. I also noticed there were about half the amount of cars on the street for a weekend day which was strange. The streets in Jacksonville are usually packed during the day since we have over a million people in the city. I guess people are cutting back on their unnecessary driving as much as possible due to the cost of gasoline.

We had gotten some food at the Pecan Road flea market and then ice cream cones afterwards. Rene was cutting up and eating her ice cream suggestively as she walked past men. The expressions on their faces were priceless and had Gary and I cracking up. Around 4pm, we were all getting tired and it was time to head to Publix and get some groceries before having Rene drop us off at home so she could go spend the rest of the day with her boyfriend after he got home from work. It was a lot of fun spending part of the day with Rene and we told her we would have to do it again soon.

After getting home after 5pm and putting away the groceries which ended up totaling over $150 for what would have cost about $100 six months ago, I had a few messages I needed to answer. By the way, even Publix was not nearly as crowded as usual on the weekend. Even the cashier at Publix and I were talking about the higher cost of the groceries and how much higher they would probably be doing up in the next six months with the way the prices of things are headed. I was so tired by the time we got home from all the walking I had to go lay down and take a nap. I ended up sleeping most of the rest of the day until around 10pm when Gary woke me up to take my medications.

I had overslept and meant to call Diane at her mother's house and check to see how she was doing after her procedure. But it was too late to be calling her mother's house so I will call her tomorrow. Gary and I sat up together and watched television for about an hour before Gary was passing out and ready for bedtime. So I am knocking out today's entry before heading to bed myself.

I hope you had a great and fulfilling day this Saturday and wishing you an even better day tomorrow. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab