June 15, 2008

Father's Day Comments

Welcome to my Sunday and another day in my life.

I was up and down again last night which I am sure is not a shock to anyone who reads this daily blog. I had fallen asleep early and ended up waking up around 4am this morning and unable to get back to sleep. Gary was still sound asleep and snoring as usual so I ended up in the living room on the couch with the pets.

I decided to work on this project's website and caught up on some correspondence. It amazes me that we receive up to 100 emails every couple of days from different HIV/AIDS companies, interests and members of the HIV/AIDS community and its supporters. While I am always more than glad to help, at times the amount of email can be overwhelming since I handle all of it myself. Now when I say I handle all the email myself, I do have a long list of contacts where specialists in all fields of HIV/AIDS care have been willing to help with any questions or problems with which I am helping people. From local, state and national levels; I am very fortunate to have many experts in their field help with any problems or questions that are brought up in the emails. So I would like to thank all of you reading this who are among those helping our community.

It was a very overcast morning which later led to another storm front complete with torrential rain, lightning, thunder and high winds. There is always the upside that at least we don't have to worry about any wildfires while we are getting this daily rain. It also helps me save money on our water bill since we have extensive tropical and local foliage in our courtyard which require large amounts of water. My courtyard is like my escape from the world with its high concrete walls so I like to have beautiful flowering plants to add color to the atmosphere. I don't spend as much time in the courtyard in the heat of the summer, but I am out there constantly in the fall and spring. In fact, the great tan I had in February, March and April is almost gone because it is too hot by the time the sun shines on the courtyard to lay out and rejuvenate my tan. It is also great having the courtyard for the pets. Where I used to live I did not have a fenced in back yard so the dogs had to be taken out for walks three or four times a day. Now in nice weather taking them for a walk wasn't a problem, but when it is very cold and/or raining it could be a major pain in the butt which could not be avoided. Now except for Chipper who is blind; I can let Harley and Sugar out any time they want to go.

I ended up taking a nap for a couple of hours around 10am after Gary had already gotten up and started his day. When I woke up around noon, it was already storming outside which wiped out my plans for grilling steaks on the grill for dinner. Patrick ended up calling and asking to come over for a visit. He wanted a break from Dale and the house for a little bit. Patrick said Dale has been in a ton of pain with his back since returning home. Dale had been in bed all day due to the pain so it gave Patrick a chance to get out for a little bit and visit with friends and run by the grocery store. So Patrick stayed and talked for about an hour before heading back to their house. He asked if I needed to go grocery shopping but I let him know Rene had taken us yesterday.

There were a couple of events going on in Jacksonville this weekend Gary and I had considered doing today, but neither of us wanted to get out in this bad weather we were having and my legs and back were hurting from standing and walking yesterday. The rest of the day, Gary and I simply spent some time together with the pets. Gary was great and gave them a bath since my back was killing me. Then we watched the travel channel for a few hours. We ended up deciding on spinach quiche, bread and fruit for dinner since it was raining outside. The quiche turned out great and I always like strawberries and watermelon. I love eating fruit and salad especially in the summer when it is hot outside.

I also happen to get an email from Walter who is an old friend of mine and a member of the board of directors for this project. Walter has been going through a close family member's death this year and has been in Texas for several months because of the death. I had been trying to get a hold of him for a few months but his old telephone number was not working. So at least now I can get in touch with him and see how he is doing. I can also use his help with the website if he is feeling up to the task. It will be great to catch up with Walter when we speak.

I called and spoke with my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. It had been a couple of weeks since we had spoken since I got his telephone recorder the last time I called. Dad let me know his best friend has past away a week or so ago after several months of health problems. Unfortunately, Ed was one of Dad's last old friend who were still alive. Now Mom and their best two couple friends have all passed but I know how Dad must be feeling having buried a lot of my close friends over the years. I wish I had been there for him. Now granted my Dad is a man's man and would never let someone see his weak side. He's just a product of his time when men were told to suck it up and not cry. In fact, the only times I can remember seeing my Dad cry is when Mom passed and when his mother passed. While talking Dad told me even he is watching how much he is driving because of the cost of gas which was strange to hear since my parents always paid cash for everything from their house, cars, vacations and pretty much everything else. So to hear Dad complaining about the prices of things was a big shock that tells me most people must be worried about the same things. I know I can't afford two or three hundred dollars a month for gasoline not to mention the cost of insurance and upkeep. Dad said he had spoken with my brother and that Rob and his family are doing great. Rob had brought a card by Dad's house last night on his way to work.

There wasn't much on television this evening which was a good thing since I was on the telephone most of the evening. Getting ready to head off to snooze land after a good weekend. I hope you had a great weekend also and wish you a safe and productive week ahead.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab