June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008
It is Monday and the start of another week in our lives. I hope you had a great weekend and did something special for yourself. I know Gary and I had a good weekend except for all the rain.

How are you doing today? I started off my day very early around 5:30am. I had been trying to sleep but Gary woke me up as he was stirring this morning. My stomach was growling away and screaming for something to fill it so I decided to go ahead and get up to make a protein shake. I figured if nothing else I could get back to sleep after Gary was up and I had finished my morning shake.

Around 10am, I called and spoke with Diane very briefly since she was back home and had a friend over to help her around the house while she recovers from her last medical tests. Diane said she was feeling better since it had been a couple of days since her heart stress test but the first couple of days had been very rough. Diane has to have her heart rate raised chemically for her stress test since she is unable to run on the treadmill. For some reason, the effects from the shot takes her two or three days to recover from the effects of it. I told her I was sorry I hadn't called earlier but had been sleeping until it was too late to be calling her mother's house. Now when Diane is home I know I can call up to 1am my time since there is an hour's time difference between our locations. But I would never call her mother's house after 10pm my time even though Sylvia and I are very close. I guess it's just the way my Mom raised me not to bother people after a decent hour. It is great to hear Diane is doing better and has some help at her house.

In the national news, there is massive flooding from northern Iowa leading down the Mississippi River. From Grand Rapids leading south, flooding is reaching the 100 year flood marks. More than half the counties in Iowa have been declared disaster areas resulting in several deathsdue to the flooding. Thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed which will lead to even higher food costs at the grocery stores. Many bridges and aqueducts have been damaged or destroyed resulting in tens of thousands of men, women and children being homeless and losing all of their possessions. The Red Cross is helping them but you can't replace home. You can't take away the feeling of having your heart ripped out as you realize everything you worked so hard for is gone. Remember to keep these people in your thoughts. They need all our well wishes.

The other bid news today, California is now allowing gay and lesbians couples to get married starting tomorrow so I will definitely be covering that subject matter tomorrow. I know getting married to an ex of mine in Washington DC in 2000 was a very moving experience for me. We participated in a mass civil union ceremony during the March on Washington 2000 after living together for three years. The civil union took place in front of the Lincoln memorial in the Square and featured over 2500 gay and lesbian couples. For whatever reason, my ex and I were one of three couples featured on CNN Headline news the next day. CNN had three different clips covering the event that ran continuously for twenty four hours. We first discovered the clips while getting ready for the march on Sunday morning. I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair when I heard my partner scream out we were on national television doing our vows and then kissing for over one minute. When the clips first aired we were the longest man to man kiss to ever air on national television in the United States. Dave and Scott purchased the clips from CNN as a wedding present to us. Everywhere we went the next day, people cheered us on for the media coverage and we even got to meet Margaret Cho and Cher which was a blast. When we returned home we had over 70 calls on our recorder only one of which was negative. So I applaud the people showing the love and commitment to each other. It takes courage even today to make a national statement where you could end up being threatened depending on where you return home. Californians will be voting this fall on whether to limit the definition of marriage to be limited to a man and a woman. I do not know if it will pass or not but I am sure it will result in law suits. Now four states will be recognizing gay marriage or civil unions: Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and California.

I knew from small emails Gary sent me during the day that he was not in a great mood. So I grilled some fillet steaks for dinner and served them with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Gary had a very bad day at work so I wanted to have something nice prepared when he got home from work. I would go into the problems at his job but they are so numerous it would take forever. These aren't problems created by him or any other employee, they are due to lack of infrastructure, technology and business practices. Suffice it to say most small business are limited by the experience and knowledge of the owners. I guess that is one of the main reasons besides lack of capital that half of all small businesses fail. My main concern is the stress affecting his immune system. No job is worth losing your health. Maybe he needs to start looking for another job with better benefits. But that is a choice for him to make. We ended up talking most of the evening about his work so I could help him look at solutions and/or resolutions.

Gary headed off to bed exhausted around 9:30pm. The one thing I hate about Monday evening is the quality of television. So it is now around midnight and I am headed off to bed for hopefully a decent night's sleep. I hope you had a great day also and that you remembered to reach for the stars.

Hope you had a wonderful tomorrow. Remember life is what you make it!

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab