June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008
Thanks for joining me for another entry in my blog. I hope you are having a great day so far.

I ended up not being able to sleep after 3:30am so I spent the rest of the night in the living room with my pets. At that time of the morning, there is nothing worth watching on television until the World News comes on at 5am eastern time. It is a good thing I cleared my schedule for the week so I could have plenty of time to sleep and build my strength back up. So after getting up I ended up working on this website some and answering some emails. I would like to thank everyone who helped answer my recent question about dental help for financially challenged individuals who are not HIV positive. I know where to send positive people but I could not turn away someone just because they are HIV negative. Considering she has a handicapped child, she needs every bit of assistance she can find so I was more than glad to help. I received several very helpful emails from my contacts which I forwarded to the woman requesting the help. She was very grateful and said to thank everyone for their assistance.

As I mentioned yesterday, California stated marrying gays and lesbians today. Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples rushed to wed on Tuesday on the first full day that same-sex marriages were allowed across California, filling city halls with cheers and politics. Gay marriage supporters see the move by the most populous U.S. state to allow same-sex weddings as a fundamental change long overdue, while opponents brand it a moral tragedy. Both political sides consider California a trend setter, for better or worse, making its move in an election year. But looming over the flurry of weddings is the possibility that they could come to a sudden halt if a November ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage passes in the state. Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democratic rival Barack Obama have largely avoided the issue, finding common ground in supporting states taking the lead on the gay marriage. President George W. Bush firmly supports a U.S. constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Across the bay in San Francisco, conservatively dressed same-sex couples marched triumphantly into the ornate City Hall, some for the second time. The city known for its large gay population married same-sex couples for a "Winter of Love" in 2004. A court threw out those unions but a larger legal battle led last month to the state Supreme Court overturning a law defining marriage as among a man and a woman. California is the second state after Massachusetts to allow same-sex marriages and the first to offer to marry couples from any state. Officials here expect an economic boost from the new gay wedding tourism industry.

Same-sex couples from other states who marry in California still face challenges with inheritance, benefits, medical decision-making and child custody. After wedding-day celebrations subside, gay and lesbian couples from other states who marry starting this week in California face sobering challenges. Many will return home to states which explicitly reject same-sex unions. Major gay rights groups are urging them not to rush into lawsuits demanding that their marriages be recognized. Lawyers warn that they may have difficulty divorcing if things go awry. Regardless of how you feel about same sex marriage or civil union, I hope we can at least agree that all people of legal consenting age should have the right to marrying the person they love. After all, isn't real love hard enough to find without having unnecessary restrictions. Not allowing gays and lesbians to marry doesn't mean that gay and lesbian relationships are going to disappear. Our love just isn't viewed as equal by heterosexuals. I guess they are afraid we will screw up the institution of marriage worse than they already did. Hmmmm.

To be honest, I personally do not want to get married again even though the one to my ex-partner in Washington DC was not a legal one. The main two reasons for gays and lesbians wanting to get married is the legal rights married couples are given and the validation of the relationship. I know a lot of my straight friends many years ago did not give the same respect or validation of gay and lesbian relationships as they did their own not to mention the way the government views our relationships. To me, the main reason for people to get married is to have children which I do not plan on doing especially at this age in my life.

I ended up napping from around 10am until 5pm. My head felt like it was splitting open so I knew to lay down for awhile. I do remember having some very vivid dreams where I was visited by a couple of friends who passed years ago. The dream felt so real like I could actually reach out and touch them. I woke from the dream feeling melancholy and slightly depressed. I was very close to both of the individuals and remember holding both of them as they died over 15 years ago. Not sure why I had the dream. Guess that is what I am trying to figure out.

Gary got home from work shortly after 6pm. I let him know how I had been feeling earlier. Gary let me know what had happened at work today and then decided to make dinner tonight. He made fried cheese ravioli in a tomato sauce with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Gary served the dish with salad and fresh french bread. It was delicious and then only change we could come up with was to not put the sauce on until right before serving. The sauce ended up making the crispy edges on the ravioli get soggy. Otherwise it was fantastic.

I happened to notice we had received over twenty five calls today on the project website. If you are one of the callers and I have not returned you call yet, please accept my apology. I will be returning them as soon as possible. Please remember I am just one person and some times the call and email volume are too much for me to handle quickly.

I will be following up with the floods on the Mississippi River tomorrow and any other news which happens to come up. I am off to bed now and hoping for a good night's sleep. I hope you have another great day tomorrow.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab