June 18, 2008

June 18, 2008
Today was Wednesday and I hope it was a great one for you! Thanks for joining me again.

My day got off to a typical start with me waking up around 6am after Gary got out of bed to get his day started. My stomach was growling for its morning protein shake so it was time to start my day also. So I spent the couple of hours with Gary until it was time for him to leave for his job downtown working for a marketing company. Then it was time for my morning ritual time with the pets. As those of you that read this blog often know I have three dogs and a cat that have been rescued from animal control and I treat them like my children. I readily admit they are spoiled rotten and love the attention they have showered on them. I think most gays and lesbians probably spoil their pets since most of us never have children of our own. I know I always have had pets for most of my life and they have all been spoiled and pampered from their monthly grooming to their toys.

I called and spoke with Nathaniel who is on our board of directors and also works for Northeast AIDS Florida Network (NFAN). I had to let him know I would be unable to attend the patient advisory board meeting at the Boulevard tomorrow. Nathaniel said he had tried to call and let me know the meeting had been canceled due to the upcoming patient orientation picnic we are throwing in Riverside Park weekend after next. Unfortunately I will be out of town during the event but Heather has offered to have our project table at the picnic. I had warned the board at the beginning of the year that I would be unable to attend or help on the weekend that was chosen which is a shame since the park is one of my four favorites in the city. It would also be very convenient for me to attend when it is at Riverside Park since it is only about a mile from my house on Stockton Street. I also asked Nathaniel if he was going to the convention in Orlando this weekend to see if he could help Alice, Angela and Torrencia with donations on our HIV/AIDS awareness pins but he is not attending that convention. I need to call Alice tomorrow and remind her to take the package with the project pins I gave her on the trip. I hope they have a safe and informative trip. The three of them are so outgoing they never have trouble meeting people which is just one of the many reasons I chose them for the board of directors.

I took a nap for a couple of hours around noon so I wouldn't be tired for my support group's meeting tonight. I called Heather after I woke up and found out about a few things going on in the community that I am not at liberty to go into now until I check on a few facts. But I will be bringing them up in a few blog entry I am sure. Heather ended up picking me up at the house around 4:45pm and then heading to Gary's job to pick him up. I ran into his job to say hi to a few of his co-workers and bosses. It is always great seeing Rene and Linda. Ding Ding was off by the time I got there. Gary was exhausted from working in shipping all day with Joanie. I gave Joanie a quick hug and talked while Gary clocked out in the office. Then we drove to LSS for the support group meeting so we could meet Zane Urbanski who provided the food for group. Zane is also on the World AIDS Week committee as co-chair this year and works for Commcare Pharmacies so he goes around to HIV/AIDS groups letting us know about his pharmacy group's services. His pharmacy has recently come out with a convenient daily use packaging system which is deliverable through the mail that makes their service very helpful especially for people with limited or no transportation. Zane provided several delicious pizza and sodas for our enjoyment during his speech and I have always had high regards for Zane. We also had a large number of people in group this evening with about 15 in attendance. We were still missing a couple of our usuals but it was great to see two of our members who had not attended in awhile. Two new people also attended and it is always great to have newbies join us. Hopefully they liked the group and will be coming back.

After Heather dropped Gary and I off at the house, we unloaded our groceries and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know if you watch it but I have already started forming my favorites two weeks into the season. I will admit I am impressed by the quality of all of their talent. There is not a slacker in the group so now each week it will depend who brings it and who doesn't give it their all. After doing their best, it is left up to the audience to call in and vote for who they want to see stay. Each week another dance is eliminated from the competition until they get to the final four dancers who then have a dance off. I started watching the show a couple of seasons ago. The judges this year are Nigel Lithgo, Mary Murphy and Mia Rogers. Each week the dancers pick the style of dance routine they will have to learn for the next show. A couple of the styles of dance like krumping did not even technically exist when I was a performer twenty to thirty years ago so they are very interesting to watch and the kids and choreographers are just wicked.

Off to bed now and ready for dreamland. I hope you had a great and rewarding day also. Remember to keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab