June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008
It is great to have you visit my blog again. Hopefully you are having a great day in your life!

It was another night of being up and down again. I woke up about three times during the night and ended up being out of bed for a couple of hours around 3am because of my spinal and neuropathy problems. The spinal problems were caused by a bad automobile accident several years ago and the neuropathy is a by-product of many years of taking very strong doses of the early HIV medications including zerit and norvir. I have had chronic progressive neuropathy for over fourteen years now which covers my legs to the calf and my arms to the wrists. Neuropathy starts off feeling like needles pricking your skin. By the time it reaches chronic stage, neuropathy can feel like your limbs have very tight vice grips attached to them causing immense pain at times. Sometimes the pain is so bad even with pain medication I am unable to put regular shoes on or able to use my hands to grip or open items. Luckily my friends and partner all know about my condition and are very understanding about my limitations.

I was finally able to get back to sleep around 5am and slept until noon when the dogs barking finally woke me out of a very deep sleep. They were barking because of a delivery from UPS with their flea treatment medication. I use Frontline Plus on all the animals and just received the latest order I placed online. The driver is very attractive but way too young for my tastes.

We had another storm front come in this afternoon producing a lot of rain in about an hour with plenty of thunder and lightning. Luckily the rain was finished before it was time for Gary to come home. My friend, Brianna, stopped by for a visit. She had the day off from her two jobs and wanted to see how I was doing. Brianna and Tito are both doing great but she was upset her neighbor had to put her dog down. Being an animal lover myself, I can understand her pain but it is a fact of life for all of us. She couldn't stay long because she wanted to get home and cook dinner before Tito got home from work.

When Gary got home around 6pm, I could tell he had working in the shipping department again today. He was filthy and looked exhausted. I am glad he only works in that department when someone is on vacation. So I decided to make spinach and bacon quiche for dinner since Gary did not want anything too heavy. Gary also had to call his aunt since he just found out his mother is in the hospital. According to his aunt, his mother is retaining a lot of fluid besides already having a ton of medical problems from diabetes to empheysema. The hospital is probably the best place for her until they determine the cause and get rid of the fluid. Gary will come and talk to me about it if he needs to talk.

I also called Alice to wish Torrencia, Angela and her a safe and great trip to Orlando for the HIV Convention this weekend. They took some of our project's HIV awareness pins with them to help raise donations. I also sent one of our Dab teddy bears to take pictures with people for the website along with some business cards with the website address to help promote this website. After all, we made the website for people to use it to help themselves.

There was something on Nancy Grace tonight about the 5 dismembered feet found on the Washington coast. According to the reports, they are different feet from different victims found at different locations. There was some way they could tell the feet had not been in the water long because the water had not caused the tissue to separate from the bones. The bones were still attached to the feet which were still in there shoes. They are hoping they do not have a mass murderer on their hands. The officials are going to determine the identity of the feet by looking at the shoes they were wearing. They can trace where the purchase of the shoe were made and hope to track the identity from there.

There was also another clip about the mother who abandoned her 2 1/2 year old child in a WalMart in Indiana. Now I do not know why the woman abandoned the child. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she was desperate and had no means to provide for the child herself or she never would have deliberately left her child. The problem with that excuse is she looked very well fed and like she had not missed any meals any time soon. The officials said the child looked like he could possibly be Columbian descent which is possible for the mother also from viewing the security tapes. I just hope the child gets placed in a great home where he will feel safe and loved. Every child deserves that. I was very lucky to have parents who made their children feel that way.

I hope you had a great day and did something to make a special memory for yourself. I know I did. Have a great tomorrow. Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab