June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008
Welcome to my blog! I hope you have had a great week so far. We have made it through another work week.

Even though I have been having a few health challenges this year, it is nothing compared to the challenges a lot of Americans are living through this year. We have major floods happening along the Mississippi River for the past week resulting in the flooding and devastation of several cities. Luckily, it seems President Bush learned his lesson with Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans and is being much quicker with funding for the recent flood victims. He visited the affected areas yesterday and is seeking over $1 billion dollars in aid for the victims.

When I woke up around 4am this morning, the flooding was again the major news in our country. The other news as I mentioned in yesterday's blog is the discovery of the feet from several victims along the Washington coastline. What type of individual would not only kill people but then also cut off their foot with their shoe still in it and then dump the foot in the water? The news is trying to label the person as a serial killer. Now with the way our news has been sensationalized in the past several years I am amazed the media isn't making more of a panic about the murders. But the story has just broken yesterday with the discovery of the feet, it is probably just a matter of time. I feel sorry for the families of the victims who probably hope their loved one is still going to be found one day only to have their hopes crushed when they are finally contacted about the match in identity to the remains. Hopefully none of them were children. Now having said that I hope it wasn't children, I mean it shouldn't happen to anyone but especially not to a child.

I have cleared my schedule for today since my doctor has ordered bed rest if I want to stay out of the hospital. Speaking of hospitals, Dale is back in St. Vincent's Hospital again. I had a message on my recorder from Patrick so I will be calling him later to see if Patrick needs to come over for awhile to talk. From what I got off the message, Dale did not rest as he was instructed and ended up with pneumonia in his lungs again. Dale's breathing became so labored Patrick had to take him back to the hospital. Even though Dale has spent a majority of 2008 in the hospital he was in so much pain he did not give Patrick a fight about being readmitted. So please keep Dale in your thoughts and/or prayers since he can use all he can get. I know how much I hate being in the hospital and could not imagine spending almost six months this year in one.

Barak Obama flew into Jacksonville today for a private fundraiser. The event was held at the Prime Osborne Convention Center about two miles from my home. The tickets for the event were between five hundred and fourteen hundred dollars. The higher the price of your entry the closer you were to be seated near Senator Obama. Now the only problem I have with all of this is Senator Obama has never campaigned in Jacksonville until this point and there was no public rally. The only other event Obama attended was a press conference which was held on the riverbank directly before the fund raiser at the convention center. I am still interested in hearing Obama speak mainly to hear how he plans on implementing new policies, what they are and how he plans on paying for them. I was very personally disappointed Senator Obama and his staff did not place to me any importance on meeting regular voters on this trip. Talk about elitist attitude but I guess he would still be less dangerous than Senator McCain as far as public funding for health care. But I will get off my political soapbox. Hopefully Senator Obama will be back in Jacksonville to speak to the average voter.

It was a beautiful day outside even if it was scorching hot. We had very few clouds in the sky and we are at the time of year where you can burn in ten minutes or less without any sunscreen. But I guess we should enjoy it today since the forecast for the weekend has a much higher chance of rain especially on Sunday. Since it was so hot outside, it made for a perfect afternoon to catch a nap before Gary returned home from work. So I ended up laying day with Kitty for a nap around 2pm and slept until 5pm. Kitty loves to sleep on my stomach when I am sleeping alone and will throw a fit if I leave her outside the bedroom. Kitty will reach until the door with her paw and tug at the door continuously until I either open the door and yell at her or let her in to sleep with me. Sometimes it is just easier to let her have her way and sleep with me even though I try to keep the pets out of the bed since we now have so many.

Gary got home around 5:30pm after another long day of working in the shipping department. He had gotten off early to go pick up his medications at BCCC since he would have run out by Monday. Gary said he was exhausted after another long day on his feet in shipping and is so glad his co-worker returns from vacation next week so Gary can get back in the comfort of his air conditioned office job. The shipping department at his job is not air conditioned and can reach 100 degrees without considering how hard they are working to get the packages out in the mail. Gary's clothes have been soak and wet when he gets home every day.

My stomach was bothering me so I told Gary to fix whatever he wanted for dinner. I had offered to make him a couple of things but Gary ended up making something for himself. I settled on one of my delicious protein shakes and some chocolate pudding. The less I put on my stomach when it is feeling torn up the better. Although I need to put about ten pounds back on that I lost when I recently have the stomach flu. I do not like the way I look when I lose too much weight. We ended up watching some comedy on television before getting ready to turn in for the night.

So how was your day and week? Drop me a line and let me know how everything is going in your life at daddydab@dabtheaidsbearproject.com and I hope you have a great weekend.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab